Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Hansen Lake, Spokane County, Washington

Hansen Lake (10 acres when full)
This lake, which is more like a pond lies South West of Spokane. This is a totally private lake with no trespassing signs posted. This lake is home to Canadian Geese in Spring and early summer. By late summer the lake is almost if not totally dried up. Nice lake for geese but no good for any type of boating. Directions: To view this lake from the public road take HWY 195 S. from I90 (& Spokane) to W. Paradise Rd. for this road West and turn left (S.) onto S. Keeney Rd. stay on this road until you come to a big E. curve in the road (a little past W. Dynamite Ln.) and there to your right you can see Hansen Lake, google.com/maps
ACCESSIBILITY: No access allowed.

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