CLUB... Inland NW Sailors are a group of "trailer sailors" and kiters who like to go to different lakes, primarily located in Eastern WA, N. ID., & NW MT (Sometimes Southern ID, UT, WY, Western WA).

Our club includes the following fleets: The Formula Wave, Hobie 16, Hobie Island, SportBoat (A sportboat is basically a trailer-able keelboat and/or ballasted daysailer), and Radio-Control (RC) Sailboat. A fleet constitutes 5 or more boats. Also, kite flyers (simple single or dual line kites) and kite sailors (use a kite on a paddle/foil board).

We have fleet specific activities and combined fleet activities. Sailors not part of a fleet are welcome to attend unless a regatta is designated for a specific boat. Some activities are specific to a fleet/type of boat due to accessing a specific marine environment such as navigating a river, shallow water, etc. Sometimes we will have kite only activities or fly after a day of sailing/regatta.

We have the right to disassociate ourselves from anyone or group that is unsafe. No alcohol or drugs are allowed during our activities. We are not a formal club but a group of sailors who regularly get together. There are no membership fees, etc.

If you want to officially join our club and/or join an activity, please make a comment below with your first name and boat you sail or would like to sail, or would like to crew, etc. And/or kites you like. And anything else you would like to say. Most activities are open to any sailor and boat. If you prefer to not comment here/below, feel free to Email us at

Sailors with or without disAbilities must be able to sail and rig ones' boat independently, or with their own supplied assistance, same with kiting. If one is new to sailing/kiting or has a disAbility that impacts one's ability to participate, please contact Miles with Access To Outdoors at and visit

You can find notice of events on our Calender, including short notice events in the comment section at the bottom of this page. Contact us via for club info.


Our Formula Wave Fleet encompasses sailors of all skill levels and abilities. In 2023 we will be hosting a regional regatta exclusively for Formula Wave sailors. So, in 2022 we will be racing together to prepare for that event.

The difference between the "Formula Wave" versus a "stock Wave" as it comes from Hobie Cat company, is that the stock Wave is considered International Hobie Class Association legal while the Formula Wave (which has stock hulls, cross bars, rudder system) allows nonstock mainsail, trampoline, addition of backrests and tiller extension among other things (see attached class rules). Visit the USA Formula Wave Class website.

As we approach and enter 2023 we will post information about the Regional Inland NW Formula Wave Regatta. We are currently considering locations for the regatta on Lake Coeur d'Alene Idaho (Higgins Point or North Idaho College beach), Potholes Reservoir WA, or other lakes. Much is still in the planning phase.

Our Hobie Island Fleet also includes other kayakers and manual or sail assisted watercrafts. Sometimes we sail with our other Inland NW fleets, but at times we do trips that only a Hobie Island or kayak can do, such as navigation down rivers and areas where sailing is not ideal. The Inland NW Island fleet is by far the fastest growing fleet. Hope you can join us.

The Hobie 16 is by far the most sailed sailboat within the Inland NW. One can typically spot a Hobie 16 on any of the lakes within the Inland NW and the world for that matter. Lake Coeur d'Alene, Lake Pend Oreille, Priest Lake ID, Flathead Lake MT, Potholes Reservoir, and Moses Lake WA have the biggest congregation of boats moored there, so we regularly sail on these. Fleet activities typically consist of get-together-sails and a few official races.


The Inland SportBoat Fleet includes a variety of boats from the Malbec 18 to Catalina 22's, to West-Wright Potters, McGregor's, etc. Boats average in size of 15-19 ft. Some of our extended trips of 2-3 days we will anchor and sleep aboard where no shore camping/accommodations are available. Trips include Upper and Lower Priest Lakes and Lake Pend Oreille Idaho, Flathead Lake Montana, Bear Lake Idaho/Utah, etc. Some of our fleet activities are not ideal for boats without cabins or a way to get out of the weather.

The Small Boat Fleet is a combination of small daysailers (small boats only sailed during daylight hours with no cabin but may include a cubby), sailboats of 8-18 feet or bigger, such boats like the Opti or Sabot, Snark, Laser, Sunfish, mono cat like Hobie Bravo, and Hobie's like the Hobie 14, etc. The focus is to promote and grow small boat sailing within the Inland NW and have fun togethers, with an occasional race.

Our Radio-Controlled Sailboat Fleet includes a mix of monohulls and various multihulls, etc. Our main class boat that we are currently developing is the T37 full on racing boat (can buy as kit or completely built) but we welcome all model sailboats. We sail at River Stone Pond or City Park in Coeur d'Alene; In Spokane county we will either sail on Bear Lake or Medical Lake (no powerboats allowed on either lake), Arthur Pond if not full of algae, or, if the current is mild at River Front Park near the bell tower on the south side (one of our favorite places to sail in Spokane). In Moses Lake either Activity Trial Park or McCosh Park. In Montana we sail at Frenchtown Pond State Park (17 miles east of Missoula) and up at Flathead (Big Arm State Park) and Whitefish we will sail from various parks noted in an invitation to sail. We mostly sail during late Fall or early Spring, and sometimes in the winter. During the warmer time of the year, we sail our full-size sailboats and sailing kayaks (Hobie Tandem Island). Join by making a comment below and watch for events in the comments below or our calendar.

Whether you fly a single line kite, or dual line stunt kite, or a kite you use to sail your paddleboard or foiling board all are of course welcome to join the Inland NW Kiters. The Inland NW has great open spaces and beautiful parks to take advantage of. Our main kite flying, and annual festival takes place at Broadmoore Park, Hayden ID (April), and also in Idaho we fly at Independence Point or McEuen Parks in Coeur d'Alene. In Spokane at Sky Prairie Park. In Eastern WA in the Moses Lake area at Yonezawa Park (across the street from the new LDS Temple) and The Dunes. In MT at Frenchtown Pond State Park (17 miles east of Missoula) and up at Flathead (Big Arm State Park) or Whitefish we will fly at various parks noted in an invitation to Fly. Watch the comments below or our calendar for kiter events. During many of our sailing events, particular our Potholes Reservoir sail we also fly kites in the evening. 

Great instructional Stunt Kite video

In our effort to make sailing available to all we include Access To Outdoor as a resource to those with disAbilities who may need assistance. Learn more by visiting Access To Outdoors page!

Feel free to make a comment at the bottom of this page to introduce yourself to our fleet.

Feel free to make a comment at the bottom of this page to introduce yourself to our club.

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