Inland NW Sailors are a group of "trailer sailors," SUP sailors (rec and racers), and kiters... Sailors in our club sail Sportboats (trailer-able keelboats), Hobie Cats such as the Hobie Wave (our biggest fleet), Getaway and Hobie 16, Daysailors like the Laser and Sunfish, etc. We primarily sail in N Idaho, Eastern WA, and NW MT (Sometimes Southern ID, UT, WY, Western WA). It's simple, we get together, help rig each other boats, and sail together.

Our main event is the Potholes Reservoir Splash (Just south of Moses Lake) and regular trips to Inland NW lakes.

You can find notice of events on our Calender, including short notice events in the comment section at the bottom of this page. Contact us via for club info.

Our Wave Fleet encompasses sailors of all skill levels and abilities. We race each but mostly just go out and have fun.

We are part of the International Formula Wave Class... The difference between the "Formula Wave" versus a "stock Wave" as it relates to class rules, the Wave as it comes from Hobie Cat company is stock, all Hobie parts are stock and is considered International Hobie Class Association legal while the Formula Wave (which has stock hulls, cross bars, rudder system) allows nonstock mainsail, trampoline, addition of backrests and tiller extension among other things (see attached class rules). Visit the USA Formula Wave Class website.

If you own a Wave please join us and if want to learn to sail a Wave see our sailing classes.

Visit club member Miles Moore Hobie Wave Race 2 Alaska page.

Our Radio-Controlled Sailboat Fleet includes a mix of monohulls and various multihulls, etc. Our main class boat that we are currently developing is the T37 full on racing boat (primarily buy as kit to built) but we welcome all model sailboats. We sail at River Stone Pond or City Park in Coeur d'Alene; In Spokane county we will either sail on Bear Lake or Medical Lake (no powerboats allowed on either lake), Arthur Pond if not full of algae, or, if the current is mild at River Front Park near the bell tower on the south side (one of our favorite places to sail in Spokane). In Moses Lake either Activity Trial Park or McCosh Park. In Montana we sail at Frenchtown Pond State Park (17 miles east of Missoula) and up at Flathead (Big Arm State Park) and Whitefish we will sail from various parks noted in an invitation to sail. We mostly sail during late Fall or early Spring, and sometimes in the winter. During the warmer time of the year, we sail our full-size sailboats and sailing kayaks (Hobie Tandem Island). Join by making a comment below and watch for events in the comments below or our calendar.

In our effort to make sailing available to all we include Access To Outdoors as a resource to those with disAbilities who may need assistance. Learn more by visiting Access To Outdoors page!

Sandpoint Sailing Association (Monohull Sportboats, Keelboast)
North Flathead Lake Yacht Club (Monohull Dinghies, Sportboats/keelboats)
Columbia Basin Sailing Club (Monohull/Multihulls Dinghies, Fly Scotts fleet, Sportboats, Keelboats)
Ricky Point Sail Club (Not Active... Monohull Sportboats and Keelboats)

Feel free to make a comment at the bottom of this page to introduce yourself to our fleet.

Feel free to make a comment at the bottom of this page to introduce yourself to our club.



Great instructional Stunt Kite video


  1. Hi looking for someone to help put my mast up on cda lake 21 San juan

    1. I can help you with that. Text me at 208-704-4454