Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Holiday FunToSAIL Schedule

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Saturday, September 24, 2022

SailGP more racing

Great weekend of SailGP Formula 50 racing in Spain just took place on 9/24-25/2022. Very challenging conditions both days but in the end, it came down to a three-way battle between the Americans, Franch, and Australians. France won by just a boat length over the Americans to win the series. This was the closest finish in SailGP history.

Check out both days of racing in the below videos. For quick review check out the highlights vido. Learn more about SailGP racing at

Next racing series is this November 12-13, 2022.


Monday, September 12, 2022

The Rocket a board boat

I am happy to announce that we will be carrying the Rocket, a 14-foot lateen sailboat on lines with the Sunfish, Sea/Super Snark, and even the Laser that does not have a latten sail set up. The advantage of the Rocket over the Sunfish and the like is its light, fast, stiff, pretty stable for a boat of its design, and is super easy to rig. Not to mention it is beautiful to look at. Great for a day sail or going camping. And the price for a small day sailor sailboat of this high quality is simply not available other than via the Rocket.

So, if you want a boat of this size and design, want to learn more please click here!


Sunday, September 11, 2022

Team USA Finally WON!

FINALLY, Team USA won the final in Fance over last weekend. They have been pretty consistent but in several series of recent they came in at the bottom of the fleet. This last weekend they were in the top spots winning several firsts, with a second, and third finish out of 8 boats being their lowest finish. Seems they figured out what issues they were having and fixed it. Congratulations Team USA!

Also, team France hit 62 mph or 99.9 kph, which equals 53.9 knots. The goal for all teams racing these SailGP F50 catamarans is to be the first to hit 54 knots or100 kph. So close! Anyone want to guess who will hit this goal first? I am thinking wither team USA, or Aux, or NZL.

Learn more at



9-11 Never Forget


Never Forget by supporting our heroes via the Tunnel to Tower Foundation... Click Here

Monday, September 5, 2022

Spud Cup 2022

The annual Spud Cup took place over the Labor Day weekend. Results are as follows...

J24 Fleet... 1st Robert Hyslop; 2nd Patrick Cirillo, 3rd Ashli Slawter

Capri 25 Fleet... 1st Ben Towery; 2nd Jon Totten; Al Reuter

PHRF A mixed fleet... 1st Forest Bell; 2nd David Cohen; 3rd Ivan Ramir

PHRF B mixed fleet... 1st Steven George; 2nd Jim Doudna; 3rd Adrian Gasparotti

Sorry with the mixed fleets there is no mention of brand/model of boats sailed.

For full results and info visit

Sorry I was unable to attend the Spud Cup this year, actually I have never attended this regatta as they do not allow small day sailors to race due to logistics and that includes Hobie Cats. However, I plan to attend next year with my Malbec18 sportboat, which is allowed in this regatta.

I am surprised there are no videos of the Spud Cup regatta/racing in Sandpoint Idaho USA. However here are two nice video of Sandpoint and the lake. Next year after attending this regatta I will post some video.

The world famous Spud Cup has roots in the early days of the LPOYC. There used to be a 2-day race on the weekend before Labor Day, called the Challenge Cup. It was patterned after the Chelen Regatta, which several Laser racers used to attend. There was a primary focus on one design, with handicap fleets also. The Chelan Regatta ran 2 Saturday races and 1 Sunday. We wanted more races on a shorter course. Boats that came from Bayview stayed the week and then raced the Labor Day Race from Sandpoint to Bayview. It was well attended for 4 or 5 years until racing died on the north end. After forming SSA, we felt the need to resurrect the Challenge Cup. In looking for an appropriate perpetual trophy, Ron Berg, who designed some of our earlier t-shirts, found (In his yard sale stuff) the now famous spud bowl. We had it mounted on a trophy base with room for lots of winner’s names. We now had a wonderful (spud) trophy, Peter Mico at Spuds Restaurant was providing food, and our regatta was rivaling Idaho’s other top export. It was fate! It had to be named Spud Cup! At the awards following the first Spud Cup, the trophy was sitting on the picnic table. Someone asked to get a picture of the winners. They were all sitting on one side of the table. When they stood, the table tipped, and our wonderful trophy was shattered! Over the following winter, Scott Richardson did an admirable job of gluing it back together. Winning the Spud Cup has become a major accomplishment. After the J24 Districts (In conjunction with Spud Cup), one of the top J24 sailors in the world, Keith Wittemore, was thrilled to have his name added to the cup!

Spud Cup takes place the Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend with registration on Friday. The event includes a dinner, live music and great sailing. Spud Cup 2022 entries included 4 A fleet boats, 10 J24s, 10 Capri 25s and 4 B fleet boats travelled in from the south end of the lake, Montana, Washington and Wyoming. We also hosted the first annual Jr. regatta, aptly named the Tater Tot Cup, on the Friday preceding the event. Boats and Jr.’s travelled over from North Flathead Yacht Club and Coeur d’Alene Youth Sailing Club to compete.


Sunday, July 31, 2022

SailGP 2022 July & August Racing

2 months of SailGP racing and team New Zealand has won it all.

On the weekend of July 00-00 for the first time New Zealand won it all, with Australia still doing pretty good with 2nd place. Team USA did average with a 7th place finish out of 9 boats. Seems team USA needs to figure out something to improve their performance.

On August 20 there was only one day of racing due to no wind on Friday Aug 19. Team New Zealand won all the races including the big final against France and Denmark. Australia finished 4th just missing out on the final for the first time in 6 events. Team USA finished better with a 5th finish overall.

Watch all the racing in these videos... 




Friday, July 15, 2022

Quick Boater Safety Note!

By Madison Harder, CdA Press and addition by Miles Moore,

The CdA Press had a great article about boating safety, and I wanted to post part of the article here... Click here to read the full article.

"The biggest struggle I find is that there is no mandated (boating) education from the state. We are one of five states that don't mandate anything right now."

KCSO offers a free boater safety class every third Saturday of the month. An online boating course is also available at offers boaters safety classes gear toward sailors that are new and or not to sailing.

Deputy Miller said he, and the other deputies, would have considerably fewer calls if people paid better attention to three factors:

• Alcohol consumption (see the negative results of boating while under the influence via the video below)

• Education

• Life jackets"

In addition, I am sure Deputy Miller would agree that having all the required safety gear on board is a must. To learn what you need contact the Kootenai County Sheriff Marine division to set an appointment to get checked and receive a sticker to place on your boat proving you are current. Their goal in a safety check is to help you be safe not to give you a ticket.

Click here for to contact Kootenai County Sheriff Marine Division...


Man fell overboard and drowned

I wanted to repost this story from last year to emphasize some safety items we need to remember every time before we go on and into the water.... See my summary at the end of this article.

"Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office finds body of man who fell off boat, drowned in Lake Coeur d’Alene

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho– After a day of searching, the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office said it found the body of a man who fell off a boat and into Lake Coeur d’Alene.

Investigators said Sunday afternoon they got a call saying there was somebody missing in the water. At first, members from the Kootenai County Dive Rescue Team and the Sonar Team

and Marine Patrols, as well as Coeur d’Alene Police Department and Coeur d’ Alene Fire and Rescue responded and started looking for the man. He was wearing a red shirt, sandals and was in his 40, the sheriff’s office said.

The search was eventually suspended because it got too dark to continue.

On Monday morning, the search was back on. The sheriff’s office said the man’s body was found at about 1:30 p.m. Monday in 11 feet of water about 200 yards from shore.

Deputies said the man fell off a boat and didn’t have a life jacket on. Other people on the boat tried to throw life jackets at him, but he wasn’t able to reach any of them. Investigators said wind and water conditions prevented him from being able to make it back onto the boat.

Deputies said the man had also been drinking and could have been drunk at the time."

August 24, 2021 7:30 AM by Tasha Cain-Gray, KXLY News

SUMMARY: As you can see, I highlighted areas of concern. The common denominator of drownings is of course not wearing a life jacket. It's one thing to not wear a life jacket when it's hot and environmental conditions are mild (kids 14 and under must always wear a life jacket), but far another when the conditions are rough. In hot conditions wearing an inflatable life jacket allows your body heat to escape better to help prevent heat exhaustion/heat stroke. Life jackets must always be readily accessible to put on immediately. The fact he did not have a life jacket on is a big problem but even worse is to add to the fact alcohol to the equation. A question beyond these errors is why they were flowing life jackets and not type 4 throwable floats. Try throwing a light life jacket in the wind is very hard to do as the wind will just throw it away like a kite. However, a type 4 is much easier to throw because it's designed to throw and throw it some distance. Have more than one as having several Type 4's to throw allows the person in the water the option of going for the one that is nearest and liters the water so boaters can see there is something going on in the water. Helps the person in the water from being ran over. It mentions the rough conditions, which should immediately make you put your life jackets on.

I highly recommend you have the Sheriff Marine division/Coast Guard do a safety check on your boat to ensure you have the right gear. They will give you a sticker to place on your boat to prove you are current. Honestly when I go boating with friends and they do not have the required gear I will not go boating with them until they do.

Also, if you have not taken a safe boating class yet, do so before you go boating. Knowing the rules of the road and learning about boating safety saves lives.

Hope this summary helps us be better prepared. It is sad to have examples like this person who lost his life when it could have been prevented.