Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Feustal Lake, Spokane County, Washington

Feustal Lake (105 acres)
This privately owned lake is located right in the Southwest Corner of Spokane county and high on a desert plain with good wind. There is no public access to this lake as it is totally surrounded by private farm land. Downs Lake is just 2 miles North of this lake. This is a beautiful lake, which is would be great for almost any water sport. It is very open to the wind from any direction, even though there is a good size hill and small cliffs on its W. shore its still very open to the wind so it would be a nice sailing lake. Feustal Lake is a half mile long and is 5-15' deep. Directions: Go toward Downs Lake via the Old State HWY from HWY 90 (exit 245). Turn off of the Old HWY East to Martin Rd, then turn right onto Cree Rd. follow this road and you will come to the only big farm house to your right (South). Once you pass this farm house while on the paved road you will see an area where farm equipment is parked and a road which leads to the lake. Maps: See printable lake map below. To view a map click on google.com/maps and type in Feustal Lake, WA. Info: You MUST stop at the farm to get permission to access this lake.
ACCESSIBILITY: No access allowed.
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