Friday, July 11, 2014

July Sailing News and Priest Lake Trip

Hello follow Inland NW Sailors!

We had a great float down the CdA River from just above the HWY 90 bridge to the Old
Mission. We had 4 adults and 6 scouts. We liked this adventure so much we are going to do it again soon… maybe next week on the North Fork of the CdA River.

Next on our agenda is our big sail and camp trip at Priest Lake. The plan is to sail off of Lion Head Beach… sail all day Sat. Then on Sunday is a hike up to the slick rock slide for a day of fun sliding and swimming. We are leaving Friday evening and some of us are coming back Sunday evening and others are coming back Monday morning or so. We are camping for free on Forest Service Land near Lion Head State Park and parking our boats on the Lion Head beach… cost $5/car to enter the park. Some sailors with Keelboats will be anchoring off Lion Head Beach. I hope you will join us as our Sea Scouts will be there, Some Hobie Sailors from the Tri-Cities will be there, the Lewiston and Clarkston Club members will be on the lake as well, and of course our Inland NW sailing members will be there… going to be a lot of sailors-sailboats present. Again if any of you would like to donate funding for food to the scouts, etc. we would appreciated it. I might add thanks for your donations thus far :). Learn more about this event and others at

I want to remind everyone that our big Lake CdA regatta and pot-luck is August 9th not the 2nd. For more info visit

It’s official SAIL Marine is now a Hunter Marine dealer. Hunter boat line related to trailer-able sailboats are the 15’ and 18’ sailing dinghies (no cabins) and a 22 foot keelboat. Hunter is doing away with their current 22 and announcing in October their new H226 Keelboat. This keelboat will be 22’ with a good sized cabin, with improved sailing performance and trailer-ability. I will have more info about the Hunter line on my site shortly.

Also check out the Super Snark on my site by clicking on the Snark tab. This is a 12’ sailing dinghies that weighs only 50 lbs, sails great, for only $1400 (including shipping). Great way to get a new inexpensive sailboat. Check this boat out at

Hobie’s new T2 is a hot seller this year. It’s a new roto-molded racing cat for those that want better performance than the smaller Hobie’s and Getaway. Check it out on my site at

I hope you all are having a great sailing season this year… Hope to see you soon at one or more of our events :)

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