Monday, December 10, 2018

Christmas Specials!

This is the time of the year for great specials on many of our sailing products.

One of our most popular offerings is our Learn-To-Sail Certificates... it's a great stocking stuffer, etc. "Learn more about our sailing classes."

We have many new and used parts just right for your sailboat.

Get great pricing on new sailboats.

You can also make a donation to the local Accessible Sailing Program and get a tax right off. By doing so its allows the program to offer more free programs, so as their free sailing days... learn more at 
Email or text us for more info... 208-704-4454

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Birthday Sail

As is normal this time each year I and my sailing buddy Mitch did our annual birthday sail on beautiful Lake Coeur d'Alene Idaho USA. We always look for the best day to sail between December 1st, my birthday to December 12th, Mitch birthday. Friday (12/7/18) was the day as the forecast predicted to be clear blue skies with 5 knots of wind (turned out to be 3-6 knots). It was a nice relaxing day to sail and enjoy an enduring friendship, which I am sure will last throughout the eternities.
Hope you all enjoy the pictures and 2 videos. If you have a sailboat take time to take those out who do not (or do), and who knows maybe you will develop lasting friendships from doing so.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Monday, December 3, 2018

Lakes Guide

We have just added a Lakes Tab to our website that directs you to the most comprehensive Inland Northwest Lakes, Reservoirs, and Navigable Rivers guide found anywhere. This guide has previously had its own website under the name "Boating the Inland Northwest." When visiting each lake, etc. there is an accessibility scale for each boat launch and facilities to help those with disAbilities determine if they can access the various facilities based on their own knowledge of their functional limitations and strengths.

NW Montana is not listed at this time but we will slowly be adding it. Our guide is always being updated so visit often to see our new info.

We try to keep our lakes guide listing only bodies of water within the Inland NW but due to the fact we are now teach sailing on the Washington state coast we will soon be adding a Twin Harbors section for our students preparations for the class. We would have simply listed a link but currently there are no good sailing sites for this area, thus our need to create this section for our students.

Enjoy our Lakes Guide and please give us feedback. Click on the tab above or on this direct link

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Sandpoint Pirate Ship

In summer 2018 I had the pleasure of meeting the Sandpoint Pirate and checking out his ship (boat), named the Wind Spirit. Seems this ship became available for sale on Craigslist about 5 years ago and he was fortunate to purchase it quickly before anyone else did. Since getting it out on the water he has received some pretty strong offers to sell it but he has no plans to do so. His goal is to take kids out and give them a pirate experience for free.
The ship itself is all wood construction, includes a motor well where a 5 hp outboard sits, and has an old metal centerboard he does not use. This ship of 18 feet was totally designed to sail but sadly to me it was converted to motor power only. Sails are only cosmetic to give it a pirate ship, old square rigger look. The wood has been well maintained as she is a beautiful little ship, totally sea worthy. There are some beautiful carvings and brase metal accents that gives it an especially nautical look (see pics below, click on them to enlarge). He also added a cosmetic wood cannon and 2 treasure chest, topped off with of course a pirate flag.

If your wondering how to get a hold of the captain for a fun pirate excursion the only way to do so is come to the Sandpoint City Beach Park and look for the ship. He does trips on most weekends during the summer.
Click on pics to enlarge...

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Mini Skeeter

See videos at end of this article

Some may not know this but there is a fairly strong yet small fleet of Ice and Land Sailors within the Inland NW. Of interest is the effort to expand the ice/land sailing fleet of Mini Skeeters, a boat 10 feet in length, 82 inches wide where the ice blades meet the ice, and 18 (5.5 meters) or 13 (4 meters) square feet of sail. The Skeeter design is a low cost way of getting into ice and land sailing as compared with other ice/land sailing designs. Costs of course to build one depend on your preference of materials and low or high cost sailing components.

Most of the Ice sailing takes place on Flathead Lake, or on the surrounding smaller lakes, or at Canyon Ferry Lake in Montana as well. Sprague Lake along Interstate 90 on the west side of Spokane County is also an excellent ice sailing location. One must watch the weather reports to insure there is enough wind to get up and go. 3 knots of wind is minimal wind needed but 5 knots is a good point to enjoy a day out and 15 knots and above can be the point where its as bit to risky to sail depending on skill level.

With a skilled sailor on ice one can hit a top speed of 60 mph and on land up to 75 mph. When built correctly Skeeters are a durable design that will last for years of exciting sailing. For those of us who sail on soft water getting into ice sailing can be a great way of getting ones sailing fix in the winter. Heading down south in the winter one could try their hand at land sailing. Either way ice/land sailing is exciting and when joined by others the fun is increased exponentially.

Of course knowing how to sail is a plus, a big plus, especially at the speeds you will be traveling. Knowing how to power up and de-power the boat is essential to a safe sailing experience. As one can imagine having a head on collision at 50 mph with another ice/land boat would be deadly. Visit this link to sign up for a sailing class

John Eisenlohr of Montana has thus far sold about 100 plans to people who have or will build their mini Skeeters. Plans cost $70 (2018) and sold at Ducks Works boat builder supplies . If you need help building your Skeeter John will certainly give you some guidance (post a question on his youtube channel or look him up on Facebook). From time to time, he does offer a building session in Montana, where interested parties can get together and build them at the same time and place. Great way to build your Skeeter if you have never built something like this before, or never built anything before. To learn more visit his youtube channel

Mini Skeeter Design Specs
LOA: 10′ 1″
Beam: 6′ 10″
Designer Name: John Eisenlohr
of Lakeside Flathead Lake Montana
Launching Date: January 23, 2015

Contact and additional information Facebook communication and info site
Plans email John Eisenlohr at (copy and paste into your email system.




Monday, November 26, 2018

Hobie 14's

Attention Hobie Cat company has 4 brand new Hobie 14's still available for sale that were used in their recent October 2018 50th anniversary celebration. They made a special batch of boats and once they are sold who knows when new boats will be available again.

So purchase your Hobie 14 while supplies last, which will not be long! Picture shows actual boat you would receive.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

UFO Cyber Monday Sale

Want an amazing great price on a UFO! Place an order today to take advantage of the Cyber Monday deal! ONLY ON CYBER MONDAY,11/26/2018. $6,950 with a deck cover; limited availability! To keep track of UFO's coming to the Inland NW and Pacific NW please contact us now at or text us at 208-704-4454.