Monday, December 15, 2014

November 2014 Ice Sailing!

We've had an early cold snap here in the Pacific Northwest, distressing for those who'd prefer to ease into winter, but tantalizing to we who love to skim across frozen surfaces powered by the breeze. It was below freezing here in Spokane for nearly two weeks, but it wasn't quite enough to produce usable ice. But the Flathead Valley Montana was typically five to ten degrees cooler, with some nighttime temps near zero, enough to freeze Smith Lake, west of Kalispell, six inches thick! Phil spotted it, put the word out, and he and John proceeded to rip it up day after day. I had to wait til the following Thursday to break free of work, loaded up the Fed, and trundled off to the mountains.

I arrive early afternoon, and meet John at the launch. The predicted wind is a no show, but it's sunny, still cool, and we strap on the skates and scout the lake. Numerous dead heads sticking thru the ice at the east end, and some open water where Ashley Creek exits the lake. We return to the rigs, break out chairs and beers to await some pressure. We eventually get a tiny bit, maybe two to three knots of breeze. John, with his World Championship boat and commensurate skill, gets her hooked up occasionally, teasing her into the teens, thanks to the hard and fast ice. I make a few desultory attempts, extremely doubtful of my chances, and a few times I can keep my steed rolling, but just barely. And as soon as the tiny puff vaporizes, I'm sittin' still. We hang til near sunset, ever optimistic, but leave unrewarded.

Friday noon we try again, with similar results, even less wind, if that's possible. So we again skate the perimeter, armed with fluore!scent flagging tape and wands to mark the hazards. Don't wanna be finding these things at speed!  In the end, another nice day outside in the winter, just no adrenaline on tap.

I retire to the cabin in Rollins, lights out sometime after ten, only to be awakened at eleven by the predicted warm front arriving like a freight train! Breeze on! I return to slumber slightly giddy. Up at seven, it's 35 degrees and still blowin' hard! We're on the ice by 10:30, rigging. Phil's the first one to launch with his 4 meter kite, and he's off like a shot! It's rare that we get to run the iceboats with the kite skiers, they generally want a rougher surface than we're looking for, but the warm temps and serious breeze have softened up the ice enough for him to get an edge. John's off next, and I follow shortly. Ah, it's good to back in the saddle!

Clouds move in, and with them come snow squalls. The wind becomes much more variable, dropping from our initial runs, and picking up as the squalls pass thru the valley. Phil and I return for larger rigs, John, having made the right choice of sail size initially, continues to cut it up. The surface is warming fast, producing significant puddles, and now thin sheets of ice are being torn off by the runners. All of which makes for a damp ride. Around noon we converge on the launch, for dry clothes, a bite to eat, and maybe a beer.

It's starting to fill in now, and after a few more runs I have to rig down to the  4.5 meter sail.
Perfect!  She's fully powered up now, the runners are biting well, and both John and I are approaching 50 mph on the downwind sprints. Which uses up this small lake quickly!  John parks at the east end and breaks out the video camera. I race around him, trying to maximize my speed as I pass by him. It's blowing a steady 20+ now, and it's a challenge to control the boat. Apply too much power, or turn too sharply, and my rear runners break free, and she goes into a violent spin. One mistake, and I do a 720 degree spin, which I exit backwards, still travelling 20 mph!

I relieve John on camera duty, and he gets to show off, making the same loop, looking much smoother than me. This is the best pressure of the day, and it's the kind of sailing we dream about, sometimes never seeing in a season. And here we are in November, already chocking up an epic day.

Phil's burned up his available reserve of energy, and we're winding down as well. As the sun rushes the horizon, we head in and pack up the boats in the waning sunshine, grinning stupidly again!

What a sport! Patience rewarded!

Written by Dave Farmer of Spokane WA.

See John's most excellent video below!

Thursday, December 4, 2014


I thought you all would find this a fun! Funny I have thought about doing this but in our country it would not be legal to do on any of our roads.

After two years of intense preparations a project which at the beginning seemed unrealistic if not impossible will become real: With a sailing boat equipped with wheels we are going to sail on the road E 40 from the southernmost end of Latin America through the pampas of Patagonia heading north for where civilization begins. For one month, a team consisting of my cameraman, a sailing expert, my co-pilot and me are going to keep sailing as far as the wind will carry us or until civilization in the form of traffic or policemen shall stop us.
As a result of the journey, a movie balancing narrative documentary and artistic film will illustrate the complex interrelations between our natural and social surroundings.

LAND SAILOR is a project of the German Video artist DanielBeerstecher. On this page you will find all information on how the project came into being... check it out at

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Flying a Hobie 16 in a regatta!

This is an amazing video of what its like to sail a Hobie 16 in a regatta. So if you wonder what it would be like check out this video.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Sailing News & Updates!

From Miles Moore, commodore ( 208-704-4454):

Hello fellow sailors… please make sure to read all of this email! Good stuff and it’s a long email.


I need everyone on these email lists to email me back and confirm what type of sailboat you own/sail/want to sail. I am separating the email list into 4 categories… 1. Sea Scouts; 2. Hobie Cat/Island/Multihull Sailors, 3. disAbled/Accessible Sailors; and 4. Keelboat and all other sailors, or those that just want to be on the email list to get general sailing news and want to crew, etc. The deal is all of you will get most of the emails unless I have a specific message for the Sea Scouts, etc. The email list is getting quite big and I feel organizing it this way will help in the future when our club is even bigger.


I was able to purchase a nice Hobie 14 sailboat for the Sea Scouts that will be placed on Cave Lake for the Sea Cats to use in that area. I wanted to get a boat there sooner but the budget just did not allow it to happen until now. I have spent a lot of money on the Scouts this summer… money well spent in helping our youth get away from their computers and mobile devices and get some fresh air and gain valuable healthful leisure skills.


The Sea Cats will start to have 2 meetings each month on the first and last Thursdays of each month starting in October. Meeting location will be announced shortly. Actually we have some exciting news about our new meeting place that will be announced shortly.


Official Boat used for the S.A.I.L. Accesible
sailing program
Hobie has approved to sell to our accessible sailing program a Tandem Island at a reduced price. This
is a big savings. I and Skip are still trying to acquire funding for this first boat… the first of 4 boats. I have a trailer for these boats but just need to build a rack to carry them.

Related to accessible sailing I will be presenting about the program at the Spinal Cord Group at St. Luke’s Rehab next month. Anyone is welcome to attend if you are interested in this accessible program. I will have the exact time and place posted on the calendar shortly.


Staring on the evening of September 19th we will sail down Lake Coeur d’Alene from 3rd Street Launch next to the CdA Resort and camp overnight and then sail back on Saturday. The forecast for September looks to be good weather for sailing. I and several other sailors will be using our Keelboats for this trip as well as some of the Sea Scouts will be sailing Hobie Cats. This is the last big sailing event for the 2014 season. I hope you all will join us. For more info contact Skip Morris at 801-367-7945 or email him at


I will be writing an article about our 2014 sailing club successes. It was a good year and I think you all will find the 2014 results quite interesting and hopefully motivate more sailors to participate.


For 2015 some events will remain and some will be added. For June of 2015 is the Deseret Regatta, then new for July is the Cat Attack (Hobie and Multihull event) at the Cascade Reservoir near McCall Idaho, then in August is our Jolly Rogers regatta and camp-out, in September will be our distance sailing event/cruise. In addition we will have some smaller events throughout the years. So some great events for 2015.

I (Miles Moore) will be primarily focusing on Hobie sailing for 2015 as I finally came to realize when it comes to sailing in our area Hobie Cat sailors make up the largest segment of sailors within the Inland NW followed by Keelboats. So to a lesser degree I will also still be involved with Keelboat sailing with my classes and some cruises.


I am going to have a big sail on new and used sailboat parts. If you want new Hobie parts items for your sailboat then give me a call and depending on the price of the item you could get anywhere from 10% up to 15% reduction on the price.

I have a sale on new and used sailboats: USED Hobie Bravo $2500; Hobie Getaway $6000; Turbo Hobie 14 $1200; Venture 22 Keelboat $2700; NEW: $500 off all new sailboats for the month of Sept. except the Bravo and Wave, which I am offering $300 off.

I have a ton of used sails and other sailboat parts and accessories I would like to clear out this month. The Sale starts this Tuesday the 9th and goes through September 30th. Since the store is on off season hours… meaning open by appointment please call before you come to the store.


The SAIL Marine store is now on off season hours meaning its open by appointment. I am at the store a lot during the winter so if you pass by the store its likely I will be there. During the winter I do more of my vocational counseling via my private practiced called and also do a lot related to Health and Wellness… my wife is a nutritionist doing a lot of consulting to help people improve their health of course, along with reducing physical pain, etc. so I am her assistant and handle product sales.


A lot of people say the sailing season ends at the end of summer… REALLY? I have sailed for many years, every month of the year. As a matter of fact some of the best sails I have had have been during the winter. So I want to challenge you all to sail every month all the way through the winter into next summer… who is up to this challenge? Email me if you are and let’s help each other stay motivated, and get together and sail. A few years back I ran a regatta called the “Frozen Butts Regatta.” It was just meant as a fun crazy get together and was well attended for 2 years but then it just fizzed out. It might be fun to reintroduce this event as a middle of winter social and sail to again keep us motivated.


The last small boat sailing lesson will take place October 11th and start again in May of 2015. The Keelboat Classes will continue into November and then start up again in February 2015. I do sell learn-to-sail gift certificates during the holidays for these classes.

Also new for 2015 I will be offering some coastal sailing classes on the coast of Washington state. I use to teach sailing on the coast before moving to Idaho and also ran some classes on the coast via the University of Idaho on the coast. So I am excited to be offering these classes again. If you want to truly learn to ocean sail then these classes are for you. In the past I tried to refer people to classes on the coast but they are only offered on the Puget Sound, Strait of Juan de Fuca, or on the Columbia River near and around Portland… none of which is truly on the Ocean.


By the way do not forget to purchase your Inland NW Sailing club burgee/flag for $25. Its a great way to show your support for Inland NW sailing. We make nothing off these flags as $25 was our cost to get them made. Contact Skip Morris (801-367-7945 or email him at ) to have one mailed or stop by the SAIL Marine store to pick one up.


Man was that a lot of information to post… I hope I did not lose anyone. Please if you would like to comment or help out send me an email or give me a call.

Hope to see you all at the September sailing cruise.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Jolly Rogers Event, Sailing, & Lessons

Hello fellow sailors,

Jolly Rogers Sailing & Camping

This Friday evening and Saturday is our Sea Scout and Club Sailing event (some people are coming Sat. morning). Yes this event is a go. We will camp this evening (FRI) and then sail all day Sat. I will be bringing a Hobie Wave and Hobie Bravo (Hobie Bravo is for sale for $2700). I hope some of you will be coming with your boats. I know Mitch is bringing his Tandem Island. The only boats that can launch into Cave Lake are small boats such as Hobie’s, Lasers, etc. Keelboats cannot be launched into this lake.

To get to the event site simply take HWY 90 to HWY 3 exit (exit 34) to Harrison Idaho. Follow HWY 3 southwest toward Harrison. You will cross a bridge over the CdA River and after that keep an eye out for the S. Medimont Rd. Take this road right, follow this road across a small bridge and stay to the left all the way on this road which will turn into S. Ruddy Duck Rd. Again stay to the left until this road dead ends into a residence, this is the place.

I hope you all will come J


I was offered two Hobie 14’s for our Sea Scout program for $1000. A person indicated they would donate $1000 to these boats but yesterday that offer was withdrawn. So now I have to come up with the funding as I do not want to lose these boats. So I am selling my Hobie Bravo for $2700 to cover the cost. So if any of you would like to purchase this really nice boat let me know. I need to come up with the $1000 by this Wednesday.


The next small boat sailing class is Sept. 6th. Also my new Keelboat class starts in Sept. Contact me (Miles) if you are interested at 208-704-4454 or