Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Mutated gene being blamed for urge to sail

Geneva, Switzerland (April 1, 2015) – Scientists announced that a mutated gene they believe is responsible for the compulsive urge to sail.

The so-called “da Gama” mutation, named after the famed Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama, was discovered by a team of Oxford University geneticists attempting to isolate “miscreant” genes in a group of compulsive gamblers. It was during an informal round-table discussion that lead-scientist Hugo Fefferton, Jr., himself a Thistle sailor, and a recovering problem-baccarat player, discovered that nearly 80% of the study’s participants were also sailors.

A quick series of tests revealed a rare mutation to gene ABDB7, which is now believed to be a primary driver of the constant urge to sail.

“While we are obviously disappointed that we’re no closer to understanding problem gambling,” Fefferton, Jr., said, “we are thrilled to have discovered the da Gama mutation.”

Fefferton, Jr. believes this discovery has significant economic benefits. “Employees that sail are highly inefficient, spending notable time reading online sailing news, or just thinking about boats. Now that we’ve identified the mutation we can create drug therapies that will specifically target the mutation, and hopefully stifle the urge to sail.”

Fefferton, Jr. is already considered a front-runner for the Nobel Prize in genetics. Pushing hardest for this commendation is the group STAB (Stop Talking About Boats), comprised mostly of disgruntled spouses of sailors.

We all now have an excuse to go sailing and be obsessed...

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Attention Inland NW & Hobie Sailors, and Sea Cats!

Please if you all would let me (Miles Moore) know if you are going to participate in the following! And please respond via the official email of with a Yes or No.

1. April 2 (Thursday), Rig, Launch, and Sail the Hobie Wave's. We will meet at the SAIL Marine store at noon where the boats are currently at. This activity will help youth with the US Sailing Certification. Anyone that wants to help is welcome… but with this activity we want to make sure the youth can sail. Are you attending... Yes or No.

2. April 17-18… Scout Orama at the Kootenai County Fair Grounds. Camp Friday night and Saturday run our Sea Cat booth at this event all day. There will be various Scouting activities that you can do as well. I will bring theSailing Simulator so we can teach people how to sail. This is a great opportunity to recruit youth to our ship. I do need to find out if female scouts can camp the night… More details coming soon! Attending… Yes or No?

3. April 24-25, Accessible Sailing Event FOR ALL at Lake Cocolalla, ID. This event is for everyone… but there will be an accessible/disabled sailing component to this event. Several persons with spinal cord injuries who are vets (and some without spinal cord injuries) and some who are not vets will be giving the opportunity to sail aboard a Hobie Tandem Island (official sailboat for those with disAbilities), Hobie 16 (hopefully if I can find a Hobie 16 to put my Trapseats on (Trapseats are adaptive wing seats that attach to either side of the boat), A Hobie Wave, and in addition will have some Trailer-able keelboats there as well. A reporter from the Spokesman Review will be there taking pics, etc.

This will be a great event for anyone wanting to experience assisting persons with disAbilities to sail. The main two things to remember is to NOT use the word “Handicapped” and do NOT touch a persons wheelchair without their permission. At the event I will give guidance as needed. These persons with disAbilities who are attending have no mental issues… they are sharp and will also give you the guidance in how to assist them if they need it at all. You will love these individuals with disAbilities… they are awesome and you will have a lot of fun hanging out with them.

The plan is to arrive at Lake Cocolalla (click on this link to learn about this lake and get directions… ) boat launch/camping area at 3:PM and rig boats (coming later or much later is fine). You can then camp the night (bring your own sleeping bag and food. If any of you have tents let me know). We will sail all day Sat. and at the end of the day de-rig and put the boats on the trailers. If you can not come overnight then please come Saturday morning at 9:AM. Attending… Yes or No?

A not to the youth Sea Cats… Because of all these activities this month there will NOT be a second Sea Cat meeting for the month of April. During the summer we may not have formal meetings at all but our activities will serve as our meetings and sailing advancements.

TO ALL! If you have any questions give me a call or email me. Busy, busy month, and summer for that matter!

Fair winds,

Miles Moore, Skipper/Commodore

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sea Cat Meeting

Attention Sea Cat (Sea Scouts) meeting this Thursday at the SAIL Marine store. Will be looking at samples of our new uniforms and planning our events for this year. Meeting is at 7:PM at 406 W Miles Ave., Hayden Idaho... just on the south side of Cruz Auto Sales... drive into the large parking lot via the gate past Cruz Auto Sales. Sea Cat meeting happen every 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month unless otherwise noted on the calendar of this site. In the summer when we have a lot of activities our meeting(s) will typically be replaced by various events.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ice Sailing in Montana

It's been a mild winter here in the Northwest, occasional cold blasts lasting an week or two, interspersed with extended periods of daytime temps climbing into the 40s and 50s, making it a short season for we beleaguered lovers of frozen water.  With our small boats, John and I have been chasing good ice around Montana since November, but it's feeling like our window may be easing shut.

So when Dave Bailey puts out the word that Bitterroot's still got 9 inches with a sailable surface, and a forecast for breeze, we perk up.  I blast out of Spokane early morning, and by early afternoon we're rigging in precious sunshine, punctuated by furious snow squalls, one of which  quickly deposits an inch of graupel on our lovely surface.  But it's warm, with a few zephyrs passing through, and we push off.  I get her hooked up but a couple of times in the stronger puffs, but John, with his legendary light air skills, and this magical new craft of his, manages to zip around fairly non stop.  Tom Schock(yes, that Tom Schock) and his genial extended family, show up for a closer look at this alternative form of sailing.  And soon enough they're in the boats, trying their hands.  Mine's tough to keep rolling in the light stuff, but anyone who jumps in the Kestrel manages to exit with a massive grin.  Steve figures it out right away, soft water sailing skills transferring easily to this new venue.

We all stand about on the ice, enjoying the mountain surroundings and the company, til the day begins to wane.  Dave launches his kite for a few short runs before it all shuts down, and John and I park the boats for the night, as another snow squall descends upon us.  A bite to eat at the Hilltop Tavern, with the Marion locals who are gathering for a night.  And as we drive back down into the valley, the snow turns into rain.  We retire praying that the precip stops!

Clear skies, ten degrees, and the predicted breeze greet us in the morning.  On the ice by ten, there's an additional two inches of light powder on top of deposit, more than we'd like, but manageable given enough pressure.  And it's building.  Patchy, with big lulls, but in the puffs we're hooking up big time!   Four kiters join us in the melee.  It's sunny, with more snow squalls scouring the surface, bringing with them the glee juice.  When they hit, it's full tilt!  Maximum attention and lightning reflexes required to retain control.  Too much power and the windward rear runner leaps off the ice, or the rear end breaks free, either event demanding an instantaneous direction change and/or sheet dump to regain equilibrium.  Then sheet back in hard,  head back into the power, and take off again for more.

The sun is dropping, the skies are clearing, and now the puffs are kicking up clouds of snow ten or fifteen feet high, screaming across the lake, making the pressure visible.  Driving into them demands intense concentration in preparation for the hit.  Negotiating them skillfully delivers a huge burst of acceleration, with an accompanying spike of adrenaline that's massively rewarding.  In the lulls we park up together and blather about the impossibility of anything else being more fun than this!  Then the breeze cranks back up and we're off again!

This is the Kestrel's first test in big air, and all John's years of experience designing, building  and sailing these high speed machines, seems to have paid off with a superbly balanced boat right out of the box. He spent countless hours analyzing the proportions of other successful iceboat designs, and supplemented that with the recent championship results his most recent landsailer design delivered, and spawned a winner!   Blazingly fast in these conditions, controllable when overpowered, and easily pointing ten degrees higher than the Fed.  Even running with a sail a full meter larger than John's,  he still walks away from me in any direction. 

Along with the sun, the temperature is descending as well, and after over six hours on the ice we're getting cold, tired and sore. We've both seen max speeds over 50, in what were sticky conditions, a faster surface would probably have pushed us into the sixties.  My gps logs over 130 miles covered on a three mile long lake, but there's no metric for the giggles.  Another best day of the year........

We break the boats down in the last rays of sunshine, stuff 'em in the back of the van, and trundle on home, speculating whether there's more of this particular fun to be had this season.
I awake the next morning to more crisp winter sun, hitch up to the brand new landsailing trailer John's built for me, and sojourn back thru the mountains to prepare for the next big adventure, dirtboat racing in the desert!

I pull into Tum Tum with enough daylight to saddle up the Yamaha for a ride to the ridgetop in time to indulge in a sunset bowl.  Winter and summer sports all in one February weekend, life is ever entertaining.  I am blessed..... Dave

Monday, February 23, 2015

Inland Northwest Sailing News!

Hello fellow sailors!

In this email... Deals, Accessible Sailing, Sea Scouts, Closing comments

I am offering $500 off still on Hobie Tandem Islands and $300 off on Adventure Islands and Cats. There will be a shipping fee which should be very low due to the number of boats on this shipment. So do not let this deal pass if you want an amazing a new Island, T2, Wave’s, or, etc.

In addition I am now working with RS Sailing the manufacture of RS daysailing monohulls. Check out the line of RS monohulls at . Let me know if you would like to purchase one. The more boats I can get ordered the better deal I can pass on to you.

I AM STILL OFFERING SOME DEALS ON PARTS… Contact me to learn more…


The good news I would like to report is that my accessible/disAbled sailing program will be fully running this summer. And it looks like I may even have a new location to moor the accessible boats. I recently started and because of this effort I am getting more demand than ever to offer sailing to our local vets, etc., particularly those with spinal cord injuries… which is my specialty.

If you know of any Hobie 16’s that could be donated to my disabled sailing program please let me know. I am in desperate need of two Hobie 16’s to be outfitted with my Trapseats. Even having one Hobie 16 would be huge.

I will also be adding two Tandem Islands as well to the program… I am still working on the funding for this effort but Hobie has been very generous in supporting my efforts via a deal on Islands.

Also RS Sailboats has a new 20’ accessible/disAbled keelboat that I am also looking to add to my fleet. More on that later…

The goal is to have 2 Tandem Islands, 2 Hobie 16’s, and 1 RS Venture Keelboat in the fleet to be able to fully make sailing accessible to our local vets and others. It’s a big project but an important one as well. If you know anyone that has a spinal cord injury in particular then you know getting them away for the daily challenge of dealing with such a disAbililty is a huge benefit to their health on many levels.

If you could help in anyway let me know. All donations are tax deductible.


The Sea Scout youth program is moving along nicely. We have meetings at my store the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month unless otherwise noted. We are doing some fundraising so we can develop a budget for this program so no youth is left out. I am happy to announce that some local groups and people are stepping forward in big ways to help out with our budget needs, etc. If you would like to help out please let me know as the more support we get the more we can do for the youth. I might add this is a great way to support our sport by getting youth into sailing.


I hear people regularly say this… “why is sailing not bigger in this area.” The truth is the only way it can become big in our area is if people come out to our sailing activities and volunteering to support our youth, disAbled, and adult programs and activities. Really it just comes down to getting out sailing either by yourself or with us… the more sailboats on the water that better.

I know there is a lot going on in the world that is more important than sailing, however I also know sailing is a great way to reduce stress, and socializing with great people can bring many benefits to ones life… I know it has for me.

I truly love you all and wish you a very wonderful 2015! I have great hopes that I will see you at least at one of our activities… it would be wonderful to see you. Check out our calendar at . More events will be posted shortly.

PS remember this Wednesday again is my Food for Sailors classes at my SAIL Marine store. And my sailing classes are now running so sign up soon as the classes fill up fast…

If you need to contact me (Miles Moore) call 208-704-4454 or email me for sales info at or for club or Sea Scouts at

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Food for Sailors!

Attention Sailors! My Thrive Cooking (Sampling) Meal In A Jar & Emergency Preparedness Classes take place at our store every Wednesday (Unless otherwise noted).

If you want a Meal In A Jar the price is $10 or $11.50 with our jar. Limits during our classes are 1 meal per family/couple. We’ll teach how to make the Meal In A Jar and then cook it so that you can taste before deciding if you want to buy it.

RSVP if possible so that we can have enough samples and food for jars/bags for all. Miles & Corine Moore 208-704-4454 or email



Times of classes are 11:AM, 1:30PM, 4:PM, 6:PM

LOCATION: SAIL Marine/Keys to Vitality Store (next to Cruz Auto Sales on HWY 95 and Miles Ave.) 406 W Miles Ave., Hayden, ID.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Hobie Members Sale!

North American Hobie Class Association / Members only Sale!
To help stimulate membership in the North American Hobie Class Association for 2015 (and as a benefit for it's 2015 members!), Hobie Cat... though it's Authorized Dealers... is offering discounts on selected sails and trampolines.

Discounts are 10 to 20% off the list price.

*Anyone is eligible… they simply have to join the class association to receive the discount. Hopefully this will encourage sailors to join the class!

Boat classes included in the sale are Hobie 14, 16, 17 (trampolines only), 18 (trampolines and jibs, SX) and Wave. Not all available sails or trampolines are included due to cost issues.

All orders are through your authorized Hobie Cat dealership SAIL Marine (208-704-4454 . Member names and membership numbers are required with each order. We will confirm 2015 membership with the class before processing any discount order. One discounted sail set and trampoline will be allowed per member. North American Class Association only.

Sale is offered on orders received through April 30, 2015

Join (or renew with) the North American Hobie Class Association!

Any questions related to your order contact Miles Moore SAIL Marine at 208-704-4454 or