Monday, October 14, 2019

Happy Columbus Day!

Columbus is justly admired as a brilliant navigator, a fearless man of action, a visionary who opened the eyes of an older world to an entirely new one. Above all, he personifies a view of the world that many see as quintessentially American: not merely optimistic, but scornful of the very notion of despair

Sunday, October 13, 2019

3D Printed Sailboat

I always tell people that 3D Printing is the wave of the future. Want a fork, spoon, or plate? Just print it out in your home 3D Printer. Or how about a sailboat part? A batten cap, batten, new mast base, cleat, etc. 3D Printers can do so in metal, plastic, etc. Its only a matter of time before whole boats are built by a 3D Printer. Actually...

Here it is the world's largest 3D Printed boat, a 25 foot long and 5000 pound sailboat created by the University of Maine. This is a Guinness World Record on 3 levels: 1. Largest 3D Printed boat, 2. Largest 3D Printed object, and 3. printed by the largest 3D Printer.

The future is here and it's only a matter of time before most of us have these 3D Printers in our homes. It can not happen soon enough.

Saturday, October 12, 2019


Sad to say a 38 year old man was killed when a boom hit him in the head and knocked him overboard. He was pulled aboard and attempts were made to resuscitate him, but to no avail. He and 3 others aboard a yacht were on their way to Sydney Aus.

Yes booms can kill and we should always inform all on board when making maneuvers, particularly down wind when jibing. Before jibing inform all on board of  your intention to jib by yelling "prepare to jibe", make sure all on board inform you that they know what you are about to do, they should yell back "ready to jib." Then after they respond you yell, "Jibing." Once through the jib of course trim up and sail your course.

Sometimes when people are sailing directly down wind the wind can accidentally get behind the sail and throw it across to the other side of the boat, this is called an "Accidental Jibe." The wind should never "accidentally" get behind the sail. The sail will give you signs its about to come across accidentally via the boom lifting up (if boomvang is not tight, if you have one), or sail gets loose looking/baggy, has bad shape. Sails that are fully battened are harder to see lack of shape. Thus we should also be watching the wind as it ripples across the water, make sure the wind is hitting the sail at the correct angle.

Wearing a water sports helmet is not a bad idea to protect ones head. Hobie Cats roto-molded sailboats have no booms, which is a great safety feature particularly for new sailors. The advantage of a boom however does allow for better mainsail shape control for better performance.

Sadly some lessons are learned the hard way, so let us all learn from this and keep an eye on the boom.

Here is a nice video to show how to safely jib a keelboat. Shortly I will post some new videos myself of how to jib a small monohull and catamaran.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019



Here is your chance to get a great deal on a new Hobie 16 Worlds boat with unique sail colors and top notch racing components! 60 brand new Hobie 16's will be used as part of the Hobie 16 worlds taking place this November in Florida. Only hitch is one will not receive the boat until after the Hobie 16 world championships. However the wait will be well worth it due to price saving and getting the unique sail colors, and racing components.

Price: $9,899 fully assembled if you pick up the boat in Captiva Island Florida (yes the Island is connected to mainland of Florida via a bridge). This is an $1800 savings.

Price: $10,529 if shipped from Hobie California facility. Shipping fee must  be applied. Savings is $1170 without shipping. We will fully assemble it for free.

To secure your boat it must be paid in full.

Current non world Hobie 16 price is $11,699 without shipping.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Team Australia Wins it ALL!

Team Australia wins the first inaugural SailGP racing series. They are the Champions and the team to beat next year. Next years racing starts on February 28, 2020.

This is now the premier racing series in the world. Unlike the Americas Cup the SailGP program does not have any of the politics or the need to constantly build all new boats each time the regatta happens. What this means for SailGP is their boats can be continually tweaked before each years racing starts. Teams members can be employed and retained each year, no need to look for the next big thing in sailing as SailGP is it (and for employment). A lot of advantages to this set up.

We all should thank Russell Coutts for his vision and for Larry Ellison of Oracle willingness to not let the foiling cats die after it was announced the next Americas Cup would be raced on 75 foot foiling monohulls, which so far has shown to be a bad choice. But no matter we have SailGP!

Watch/listen to the following videos to enjoy the replays of the today's races and the big finale...


Saturday, September 21, 2019

SailGP second day of racing

After 2 days of racing team Japan sits atop the leader board by 1 point. Japan and Australia have secured their position in the match race final, but 3rd and 4th positions are up for grabs. Team China skippered by Phil Robinson with crew of 2 New Zealanders and 2 from China won one race today giving a nice break from the Japan and Australia dominance.

Team USA and GBR are still struggling to maintain their top speeds, which is consistently putting them in the back of the pack. Hopefully tomorrow they can step it up. Either team could still get the 3rd podium position if they have much better race results tomorrow.

Announced today is the addition of a 7th team to the line up for next year. No word on what country the team will be from. Also announced new for next year is wing options and improvements. Basically there will be a smaller wing sail for strong winds and bigger sail for light winds, plus the sails will be more adjustable with 6 controls versus 3 current controls. Such controls will allow the boats to perform even better in various wind conditions resulting in better speeds. There will also be some improvements/adjustments to the foils, and other systems on the boats.

You can watch tomorrows racing via SailGP channel or facebook page.

Watch/listen to the following videos to enjoy the replays of the previous races... The last video is fan forum questions to the experts of SailGP

Friday, September 20, 2019

SailGP Racing

Attention amazing SailGP racing is taking place NOW (September 20-22) in Marseille France. This is the Grand Ending to an amazing series of racing in 2019. The final will likely come down to the Australians and Japanese (both skippers are Australian as is most of the crew members) but the battle for 3rd and 4th will also be intense. You can watch the racing via SailGP channel or facebook page.

The following is a YouTube link to the previous racing in Cowes UK.