Monday, August 12, 2019

Adjusting H16 rudder system and playing in rainwater

2 Items... First if you have wondered how to adjust your Hobie 16 rudder cam/rudder locking system so your rudders raise and lower properly here is a new video we up loaded.

Second... North Idaho was hit with big storms and lots of rain this last weekend (8/10-11/19). Last night the rain came down hard filling my Sea Super Snark hull with water so I decided to have a little fun and run my Playmobil powerboat in it. Got to let out your inner child sometimes. By the way Playmobil has great boat toys which I use as visual in my safe boating and sailing classes.

SailGP Cowes UK Racing

If you missed the SailGP racing in Cowes UK just this last weekend (8/11) no worries as you can watch the racing via or on facebook.

Britain was showing great form in the practice races being the first boat to hit 50 knots but unfortunately on the first day of official racing they damaged their boat and were out of the remaining races. The USA team capsize but amazingly they did not damage the boat and were back in the next race. All teams improved in this series with China being voted as the most improved. They did not win any races but came in second and had consistent top finishes.

Team Australia was the winner of the series with no one challenging them in any of the races. In each race they beat the other teams by large margins. They certainly are the team to beat and are showing the rest of the teams how to do it.

It should be noted that Team Japan who had previously been winning most of the previous races (other than the Sydney Harbor races) also damaged their boat but was able to keep racing in spite of it and were able to hang on for 2 and 3rd finishes.

Watch the following video to enjoy the racing. There was only one day of racing due to a storm that hit the area on Saturday. Visit to get more info, etc.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

4th of July!

Have an amazing 4th of July! Hope you enjoy these two song as they should reminds us all why this nation is so great (scroll down)!

For you Rockers! Here is an amazing song!

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Sail Grand Prix New York USA

Amazing high speed racing aboard the F50 foiling catamarans on Hudson Bay, New York, USA. The first capsize of an F50 happened via the British team the day before the racing. And super good news Team USA had its first win ever. They kept their 4th place position, only one point behind Team Britain. On the first day of racing team China was very consistent and team France is still struggling to find their pace but did have some good speed and starts at times.

Team Japan won the racing with consistent results and won the final match race against Austrailia, which was sweet revenge after they lost to them in San Francisco.

Next stop in the racing series is Cowes England on August 10-11.

Watch the 2nd day of full racing via the following video (2nd race is when team USA won). To watch the first day and other videos visit their YouTube channel at or visit their website

How to doc you small sailboat

Here is a video of my students docking a sailboat the right way during one of my summer classes. Notice the sailboat is pointed almost directly into the wind, which is key to docking right if such conditions and facilities allow.

If you would like to learn-to-sail please contact us at or text 208-704-4454.
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Friday, June 21, 2019

Sailing on Lake Pend Oreille Idaho USA aboard an Oday

Super light winds on lake Pend Orielle Idaho USA aboard a O'Day daysailer. During most of the video we are using an electric motor to return to the dock. This lake has great winds a lot of time but this day was one of those days one wished there was wind.

Lake Pend Oreille if you do not know is a little over 1500 feet deep (457.2 meters) which includes a Naval base that tests submarine technology. Learn more about this lake at this link...

The O'Day daysailer is a beautiful little 14 foot sailboat with wide cockpit, weighted centerboard, and ample sail area to get the boat moving a good wind. This boat is a 1977 and still in great shape with original sails.

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