Sunday, September 20, 2020

Students Regatta

AT 11:AM

Attention sailing students who have taken our 100 Small Boat Sailing class! October 3rd will be FunToSAIL's first annual student sailing regatta/race and BBQ.

Current and past students only. Anyone is welcome to come and watch. Come dressed up as a pirate or Navy/Seamen, etc. Get a few extra points for your costume.

It will be a fun day of racing to show off your skills developed or skills to be developed, and attire. Seriously its all fun and games.

Miles Moore your instructor will teach you how to race and have fun doing it.

Price to attend is $15/person. Please contact us so we know your coming... or text 208-704-4454.

So join us for a day of FUN and food! If you do not come it just means more food and fun for the rest of us, so don't miss it!

Friday, September 18, 2020

September Hayden Sail

A fun sail in Hayden Idaho USA aboard an O'Day Widgeon sailboat. A nice little 12 foot monohull.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

FunToSAIL is all about small boat and trailer-able sailing but I thought this sailboat would be fun to know about since it's within the Inland. It is for sale in Lewiston Idaho. Just trailer it to Lake CdA or Lake Pend Oreille. Piece of cake, right? NOT! Its a 95 foot long three mast aluminum monohull that is 23 feet wide, with no weight give but be assured its super heavy. Price? Down from only $605,600 to a measly $495,000 as an incomplete yacht, no masts, no sails, no motor, etc. Check it out at this link

Thursday, September 3, 2020

SolCat Come Back

I have not seen a SolCat sailing on Inland NW waters in many years but now two such sailboats are back. I helped a local restore 2 of them with Hobie Cat parts and now they are sailing off of Driftwood Point on Lake Coeur d'Alene Idaho USA. Welcome back SolCats!


Monday, August 31, 2020

Boat Explosion

In this video the boat is at a fueling dock and explodes throwing the mother of the family out of the boat into the water. It’s not stated in any reports what caused the explosion but if one looks closely you can see the husband at the helm of the boat. Its likely he turned the key to start the motor before turning the blower on for 4 minutes as taught in my and all other safe boating courses.

Lack of maintenance, not having proper ventilation, improper storage of fuel, and not using the blower are all recipes for disastrous explosions. This is true for some larger sailboats as well that have inboard motors. Fact is if you have any fuel on board for a motor, cooking stove, etc. not matter the amount can be enough to sicken those on board due to breathing in the fumes and again can explode.

Before you get to a fueling dock ventilate your boat via opening hatches, etc. Once near the dock close all hatches so the fumes near the dock to not float into the bilge (low areas in the boat), etc. Fuel up and turn on the blower before turning on the motor. Once away from the dock ventilate again to insure the fumes have not settled in your boat.

The mother, husband, and daughter along with the man at the fuel dock who all ended up in the water were not hurt in this incident. Good on the dock fueling attendant to move the fuel away from the boat. The boat did catch on fire and was heavily damaged.

Boat safe! Also remember to be aware of boats around you as they may not be practicing safe boating skills/good seamanship.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

J Class Crash

This is a mega bad crash. Notice the sailor thrown off the stern and the backstay being broke off...

The man thrown off sustained a couple broke ribs and survived. No one else was hurt. With the broken backstay one might think the mast may have come down, but it did not.

What should the skippers had done? First off the skipper of the boat that ran into the other boat, should have turned to starboard, the skipper of the boat who was crashed into should have turned slightly downwind versus turning up wind, which actually swung the stern even more into the path of the on coming boat. Also the skipper of the boat where the video was filmed from should have tacked away as quickly as safely possible. Understand this is not such an easy task on such big boats. Plus this was a race and all boats were getting very close to each other and following the rules of starboard over port tack boats, etc. These are J Class yachts of 80+ LWL that were used in the Americas Cup in the 1930's. The boats in this video are new versions of those 1930's J Boats.


Pacific Islands Sailing

I regularly hear from westerners that European square rigger sailing vessels were the first true blue water boats. Reality is this is just not true as the Pacific Islanders were sailing the high seas long before the Europeans ever masters sailing. The Islanders sailed Drua's up to 120 feet (catamaran like sailboats), carrying about 200 people. Sailing canoes with a single hull and light weight outrigger (proa), to sailing crafts with 2, 3, or even 4 hulls were common a thousand years before the Vikings hit the seas. The Vikings were the first Europeans to master sailing, but that is another story.

There is a group in Fiji trying to restore the past greatness of the Islanders sailing history via a Drua project. Hopefully many of these sailing vessels will be built bring back a great sailing tradition.

Visit this link to learn more . You can donate to help them and even go their on a vacation as sail about their Drua. Watch the videos below also to see their Drua and learn some history.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Virtual SailGP Grand Final

There is still sailboat racing going on even now during the plandemic and its virtual, watch it here...

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Small Boat Sailing Classes late summer and fall 2020

ATTENTION... Join our most popular sailing class while we have openings. We have classes Fridays and Saturday into October. Also have Big Boat/Keelboat/Multihull classes and classes for those with disAbilities, and for those seeking more high performance instruction. Classes start at 7:am. To learn more or sign up for a class visit this link... 100 Small Boat Sailing Class/Sign Up