Friday, January 30, 2015

Hobie Members Sale!

North American Hobie Class Association / Members only Sale!
To help stimulate membership in the North American Hobie Class Association for 2015 (and as a benefit for it's 2015 members!), Hobie Cat... though it's Authorized Dealers... is offering discounts on selected sails and trampolines.

Discounts are 10 to 20% off the list price.

*Anyone is eligible… they simply have to join the class association to receive the discount. Hopefully this will encourage sailors to join the class!

Boat classes included in the sale are Hobie 14, 16, 17 (trampolines only), 18 (trampolines and jibs, SX) and Wave. Not all available sails or trampolines are included due to cost issues.

All orders are through your authorized Hobie Cat dealership SAIL Marine (208-704-4454 . Member names and membership numbers are required with each order. We will confirm 2015 membership with the class before processing any discount order. One discounted sail set and trampoline will be allowed per member. North American Class Association only.

Sale is offered on orders received through April 30, 2015

Join (or renew with) the North American Hobie Class Association!

Any questions related to your order contact Miles Moore SAIL Marine at 208-704-4454 or

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hobie way of life!

Watch this video to learn about the "Hobie way of life" aboard a Hobie 16...

Free Shipping!

Hello fellow sailors!


I am currently making a big parts ordering in the next several days so if any of you are planning on making a parts order and can pick the items up at my store I can give you Free Shipping. However oversized items will have a shipping fee.


Also if you are planning on ordering a Hobie Catamaran or Island this is the time to do it also as this time of year I ship all the boat orders together which can reduce the shipping fee, and with the current fuel prices shipping has never been lower.

Becuase of the lower fuel price if you want to order a SUPER SNARK shipping will be lower than normal.


Regardless now is the time to save on shipping.


Remember my Keelboat Lessons start this Feburary 7th. Sailing Lessons are the first Saturday of each month (more classes are available during the week starting in April) other than in July due to the 4th being the first Sat.

CONTACT ME related to parts and boat orders @ 208-704-4454 or

Thursday, January 8, 2015

New and News for 2015

2015 Sailing News and New Stuff! This is bit long… sorry for the length

FOR SALEThe 1979 Venture 22 keelboat I am selling for a friend has lowered the price from $2500 to $1500. I really love how the Venture 22 sails and this is as great bare bones boat for someone wanting a way to get into a trailer-able keelboat at a low price. Comes with sails, trailer, and gear. I did some nice fiberglass work in the cockpit to keep water from leaking into the cabin.

FOR SALES… The Corsair F27 trimaran price has come down to 39,999. This is a nice boat with extra Genoa, 9 hp outboard motor, and big cabin for extended cruising. It is also fast with great upwind performance. It folds up easily while on the water for docking.

HOBIE… Remember the new Hobie Tandem Islands will be out this summer so
if you want one please let me know so I can reserve one for you. This is a hot item and likely the boat will be hard to get the beginning of this summer. I am still offering $200 off for anyone that purchase now. Offer expires soon.

HOBIE… Also the T2 Hobie catamaran has received an upgrade on the sail plan… making it faster via better sail shape.

ONLINE STORE… I did finish the online store but the only challenge I have right now is finalizing the shipping system. I am telling you all about the store even though the shipping system is not done to see what you think of it and for suggestions. You can see the online store at and then click on the online store link.

WEST MARINE… I will be working with West Marine this year as a sub store… meaning you can get anything for sailing you want at my store at the same price or less, and can pick up your West Marine orders from my store. I am still finalizing this with West Marine.
SAIL MARINE STORE… will be open now part time from Jan.-Feb. and open full time June-Sept Tue-Fri. 11-6. I have done some remodeling to the store with no items added.

MAGAZINES… I will have 40 Degrees North and Small Craft Advisor Magazines available at my store this year. 40 Degrees North is free and Small Craft Advisor Mag is not.

SAILING CLASSES for 2015 have been added to the calendar at . If you do not find a class that fits your schedule let me know as I will be adding more as time passes. You will notice some of the keelboat classes have no dates and this is because you can sign up and we can customize the date of the class to your liking. Remember to sign up ASP as the classes fill up fast.

LEARN-TO-SAIL book… I am fast approaching the finished product of my new learn-to-sail book. It’s been a long time in the making and will be unlike any other learn-to-sail book on the market. It will be available via download at a great price and I will have a few printed copies at my store for sale. Overall this will be a downloadable book so you can use it on your iPad/Tablet, computer, etc.

NEW VIDEOS have been posted on my YouTube channel at such as my popular Hobie 16 learn-to-sail video. I will be posting learn-to-sail and other videos on this site regularly.

SEA SCOUTS meeting is tonight at 7:PM (Thursday Jan. 8th). Location... StanCraft/Syd Young's Boat House, 6848 Maplewood Avenue, Post Falls ID 83854. Contact... Skip Morris 208-266-7799 . If you would like to help via volunteering, recruiting youth, or donating let Skip know. Our official boat is the Hobie Wave and Islands. The Islands allow us to accommodate youth with physical disabilities. This youth program is for ages 14 (13 if graduated from the 8th grade) through 20. This is a program for youth interested in sailing, adventure, and socializing with like minded youth, etc. We can accommodate various physical disabilities within reason but if a youth has a cognitive disability they should contact Special Needs Rec. in CdA or contact the Spokane Therapeutic Program for recreational opportunities. We do not run events on Sunday and we do offer an opening and close pray at all events and meetings. However you do not need to be religious to participate… all are welcome!

INLAND NORTHWEST SAILORS… I want to remind everyone that the club burgee/flags are available for sale at my store (I can mail one to you) for $26. Also attention HOBIE SAILORS in central Idaho there is a Cat Attack event at the Cascade Reservoir in July… This is as multihull only regatta. Again visit the calendar for more info. I hope you all will make this the year the year you come out to our sailing events. See the calendar for 2015 events

THRIVE FOODS… I will have Thrive food for sailors meetings/classes every week starting next week. I will teach about foods you can store on your boat and how to do it; How to cook freeze-dried foods, etc. Great thing about these foods they are the same price or lower as compared to foods you can purchase in the store, their nutritional value is off the charts, and you can measure the food out resulting in no thrown away foods… doesn’t go bad like foods you get in the store, so really it’s a big savings. Not only can you store the foods for emergencies up to 30 years but again can eat the food daily with a shelf live of 2 or so years… if you do eat it daily you will see your health improve. Got any questions give me a call 208-704-445 or email me at . See class and event dates at…

DISABLED/ACCESSIBLE SAILING starts again this year. I am looking for a Hobie 16 to be donated to the program as I have the adaptive wing seats but no boat. The age of the H16 needs to be 1986 or newer. Some 1984-85 boats can work but I will need to check them out closely. The boat has to be safe to accommodate persons with disabilities. Funding is coming in slowly (but is coming) for the purchase of a new Hobie Tandem Island. With the new seats on the new Tandem Islands it means I can not more easily accommodate various disabilities. Learn more about my adaptive sailing program at or watch these videos... and  watch for my sailing program at the 19:40 mark in the video.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Years Day Sailing 2015

My friend and I (Miles Moore) decided to go for a sail on New Years Day 2015. It was 12 degrees at that the time. Just before our sail people were at the beach doing a polar bear plunge... nutty people. Hope you enjoy the video :)

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Thrive for Sailors & For All

Attention friends and sailors! I’m excited to announce a new component of SAIL Marine! We now have available to you the most delicious freeze dried and dehydrated foods on the planet! In addition to being delicious and compact food storage, it is great for camping, hiking, sailboating, and much more! AND YOU CAN TASTE IT FOR FREE AT OUR CLASSES!

I am hosting three types of classes: Meal in a Jar (MIAJ), Cooking, and Emergency Preparedness classes at the SAIL Marine store at 406 West Miles Avenue in Hayden Idaho, next to Cruze Auto Sales.

Join us to learn about THRIVE Freeze Dried (FD) Foods and Emergency Preparedness Products.

The Thrive foods have a much higher nutrient content than food in the grocery store and yet can SAVE you money every month. The shelf life on many of the products is 25 years un-opened and 1 to 2 years once opened, unrefrigerated. Even THRIVE’S Beef, Chicken, and Pork Sausage have a 25 year shelf life and 1 year after opening.

Great for healthy LOW SODIUM snacks, baby food, and every day in home cooking as well as food storage. Over 120 products are Certified Gluten Free! We will have free samples of some of the delicious THRIVE foods so come and try them for yourself (Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian).

Jar meals are $10 with your own jar or $11.50 with our jar. Limit 1 jar per family/couple. We’ll teach how to make the Meal In A Jar (MIAJ) and then cook it so that you can taste before deciding if you want to buy it.

RSVP if possible so that I can have enough samples and food for jars for all. Miles Moore 208-704-4454 or email




LOCATION: SAIL Marine Store (next to Cruz Auto Sales on HWY 95 and Miles Ave.) 406 W Miles Ave., Hayden, ID.

CONTACT: Miles Moore 208-704-4454