(Also known at the Super Snark)

The Sea Snark comes complete with a nylon sail, daggerboard, kick-up rudder and tiller, rigging and fittings... Ready-to-Sail! Mast and spars are aluminum. Wooden parts are marine varnished. The open cockpit design (like a canoe... the boat can be used like a canoe) gives you plenty of legroom. Just add water and go.

The Snark company has produced more sailboats of a single design than any other sailboat manufacture! A half million Snark's have been produced. More people have learned to sail on a Snark than on any other sailboat. Due to its light weight (50 lbs totally rigged and ready-to-go) the Snark can easily be car-topped. Snark's are totally unsinkable, the internal hull being completely filled with EPS foam leaving no voids. The external hull and cockpit are formed out of rugged ABS polymer, which is vacuum formed over the hull core to create an extremely durable hull.

The Sea Snark II was previously known as the standard Sea Snark minus the ABS polymer hull covering. Production of this boat started in 1954. Today some know the Sea Snark as the Super Snark.


Crew: 1-2  Length: 11' at waterline  Beam: 3' 2"     Capacity: 310 lbs Weight: 50 lbs  Draft w/ Rudder Up: 4"     Mast Length: 4'  Sail Area: 45 sq ft, Lateen Sail  
Hull Construction: ABS Armorclad

Price: $1,204...without shipping
Trailer $850
Questions & To Order?   208-704-4454

Idaho residents boat comes without sail and spars... can use boat as canoe for $925. Sail Kit separate $100.

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