Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tule Pond, Spokane County, Washington

Tule Pond (7 acres)
This pond is in a field and is shallow and tends to almost, if not totally, dry up in the summer. During the wet times of the year this pond would be ok for kayaking even though it's a totally private pond, which may or may not be true. In the picture to you can see a grassy area that leads to the rocky/muddy shoreline within a small bay. This would be a good place to launch but you must ask the landowner at the house to the left of this site for permission to use his land to launch from. Directions: Take the WA-902 W exit- EXIT 272- toward MEDICAL LAKE., Turn RIGHT onto WA-902 / W MEDICAL LAKE RD. Continue to follow WA-902., Turn LEFT onto N PRENTIS ST., Turn LEFT onto E CAMPBELL ST., Turn RIGHT onto S LEGG ST., Turn LEFT onto E STANLEY DR., Turn RIGHT onto S. PINEVIEW DR., Turn LEFT onto E LAKESHORE DR., End at Tule Pond, WA US. Maps: To view a map click on google.com/maps , and type in Tule Pond, Spokane County, WA.
ACCESSIBILITY: No access allowed. May get permission from landowner at this site. Certainly not accessible for wheelchairs, etc.

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