Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ring Lake, Spokane County, Washington

Ring Lake (12 acres)
This lake is an interesting looking lake with an island in the middle of it with some nearby ponds. It is in the open as compared to many of the other larger lakes in the area, and even though it’s a shallow lake it stays full of water all summer. This lake is surround by private property; no public access allowed. One could do some bird watching along the public road but of course not on the land off the road. Directions: Take the WA-902 W exit- EXIT 272- toward MEDICAL LAKE., Turn RIGHT onto WA-902 / W MEDICAL LAKE RD. Continue to follow WA-902., Turn LEFT onto N PRENTIS ST., Turn LEFT onto E CAMPBELL ST., Turn LEFT onto S HALLETT ST., S HALLETT ST becomes S MEDICAL LAKE RD. From S. Medical Lake RD. park on the street and access the lake here. Maps: To view a map click on google.com/maps and type in Ring Lake, WA. You can view this lake at its closest point to the paved road; No access allowed.
ACCESSIBILITY: No access allowed.


  1. Private property. No tresspassing

  2. Sense the private property-no trespassing commentor did not follow up I did my own research and in fact the land around this lake is private property, with no public access agreements with any agencies. So, one can only do the activity of bird watching from the public road. Good news is there are far better places to go bird watching in Spokane County. Plus, the water in this lake gets pretty gross in late summer.

  3. Good news here is a website one can use to determine if a site is privately or publicly owned. Here is the link http://cp.spokanecounty.org/scout/map/

  4. Is Ring Lake spring fed?

    1. Not that I can tell. Like many of the small lakes in the scablands they are fed by spring runoff and rain, and ground water. Some are spring fed but no indication of this with Ring Lake. Most of the small lakes like Ring Lake tend to be deep enough not to totally evaporate even in the hottest of summers even those most become dry beds. Fourth of July Lake is a good example of a large lake in the area with no creek or river entering or exiting the lake, yet it has water year round. This lake is just a larger version of Ring Lake.