Friday, October 28, 2016

Pillar Lake, Grant County, Washington

Pillar Lake (9.1 acres, Elevation 981 ft)
Pillar Lake located within the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge and south of Potholes Reservoir is more like a wide spot in the Potholes Canal between Soda and Long Lakes. It is a good place on the canal to get out of the main current and to fish. One accesses this lake by portaging around the Soda Lake dam and hand launching into the canal or boating from Long Lake up the canal. One can also hike to this lake to fish from the shore by driving to the Soda Lake Dike Road Launch and then driving past the launch to the furthest parking area and then hiking slightly northeast to the lake, there is a trail. For rules visit
 . Lake open April 1-Sept 30. SEE the Potholes Canal Chain Lakes section for more access info. Fishing: Rainbow Trout. Directions: From Moses Lake take HWY 17 south toward Othello; turn right (west) on HWY 262/O'Sullivan Dam Road. Before crossing the O'Sullivan Dam and after just passing the entrance to the Potholes Reservoir boat launch on your left/south is Soda Lake Road. Follow this road to past the sign indicating the Soda Lake Campground to the next sign indicating Soda Lake, Pillar/Widgeon Lakes (this sign indicates Pillar/Widgeon Lakes are .6 miles, which is partly true Widgeon Lake is this distance but Pillar Lake is approximately 3 miles. Yes this sign has an error on it). Follow this road past the Soda Lake boat launch on the dike to the end of this dike. At the end of this dike turn right/south and then east to the parking lot. From the parking lot take the trail east and then northeast to the Potholes Canal and where the lake is part of the canal. Maps: To view a map click on and type in Pillar Lake, Grant County, WA. or type in the GPS coordinates 46.952606, -119.222257
ACCESSIBILITY: PARKING... Park along dirt road if gate is open, otherwise walk-in; PATHS/TRAILS... Old gravel, dirt, sand, mud combo road. Not accessible to wheeled mobility devices; RESTROOMS/FACILITIES/SHADE… None. No designated picnic areas or shaded area. No trees; DOCKS/LAUNCHES/PLATFORMS… None; DIRECT WATER ACCESS… No access for wheeled mobility devices; TRANSFER SYSTEMS... None; SENSORY... No sensory tactile markers for those with visual and other impairments; CAMPING... Primitive camping at Soda Lake; O.T.H.E.R… Oddities/Barriers: Lots of sand and deep mud during wet times of the year along shoreline; Terrain: Level to about 5% grades; H2O/Water: Water normally murky. Water temperature in the summer can be around 60 to 70 degree. Drinking water not available; Environmental Conditions: High winds and hot summer temperatures; Resources: Food, drinks, and gas in town of Moses Lake, Othello (Wal-Mart) and at Potholes Reservoir resort area.

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