Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Owens Lake, Spokane County, Washington

Owens Lake and Pond (Owns Lake, 66 acres) 
This lake averages 1-7' deep, 10' at its deepest and is about a mile West of Bear Lake on gravel roads. It has a lot of marine vegetation to deal with yet might be a fun lake for you to kayak on and do some waterfowl photography on. Is a quiet lake that waterfowl love. Owens lake is connected to Owens pond via a channel. You launch that into the pond and then paddle north into the channel and pass under a low hanging old wood bridge into the lake. Directions: To access the lake travel North in HWY 2 from Spokane turn Left (West) onto N. Findley Rd. (just pass the access road to Bear Lake Park), then turn left onto N. Regal Rd. and follow this road until you see the lake to your right (West). Go down this road until you see a white sign that says Danger Skating and Swimming With Written Parental Permission At Your Own Risk. There is a primitive trail to into Owens Pond that passes an old travel trailer. Once in the water on Owens Pond go North through the channel to the main Owens Lake under a wood bridge. You can only access this lake through the channel when there is high water during Spring and very early summer as all the land around it is private. However the lake and pond with its marshes are official state marine habitate. Maps: To view a map click on and type in Bear Lake, WA and select #3 then pan West a little of Bear Lake in aerial view setting to see Owens Lake.
ACCESSIBILITY: PARKING... Dirt, grass parking area next to road; PATHS/TRAILS... None. Short narrow dirt trail to water. Very muddy during wet times of the year; RESTROOMS/FACILITIES… None; SENSORY... No sensory tactile markers for those with visual and other impairments. DOCKS/LAUNCHES/PLATFORMS… None. Launch off bank; DIRECT WATER ACCESS… No access for wheeled mobility devices; TRANSFER SYSTEMS... None; CAMPING... None; O.T.H.E.R… Oddities/Barriers: Deep mud during wet times of the year; Terrain: Level to about 3% grade at launch; H2O/Water: Water normally murky. Water temperature in the summer can be around 60 to 70 degree; Environmental Conditions: Nothing unusual; Resources: Food, drinks, and gas in town of Newport HWY.
Channel to Owens Lake: You have to pass under this low bridge or portage over it from the access point.
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