Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Lonelyville Lake, Spokane County, Washington

Lonelyville Lake (70 acres)
This lake is appropriately named as it’s out in the middle of nowhere next to Hidden Lake and has no public access due to being totally surrounded by private farm land. There are also several ponds next to this lake that dry up in the summer. This is a wide yet shallow lake fed by a stream to the south. This lake would be a good kayaking lake and possibly good for sail yakking with great winds coming off the desert. I have been unable to find any fishing info about these lakes. The depth of this lake is about 10' at its very deepest during high water. The lake is surrounded by a marsh with lots of waterfowl. Directions/Maps: Go to google.com/maps and type in the City of Medical Lake then follow S. Lefevre St. to W. Fancher Rd. (turns into a gravel road) until you reach S. Gray Rd. Turn left (S.); you will see water to your right (W.). From the road it is a good location to view waterfowl during the springtime. Again there is no public access to this area.
ACCESSIBILITY: No access allowed.

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