Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Hidden Lake, Spokane County, Washington

Hidden Lakes (67 acres)
This lake name is totally appropriate as it truly is hidden with private farm land all the way around it and hills that block the view of it from the road (next to and E. of Lonelyville Lake). I believe this would be a great dinghy lake and a great sailing lake with great winds coming off the desert. The depth of this lake is about 5-10' at its deepest. The south end is a marsh and the north end has high hills on either side with a rocky shoreline. Directions/Maps: Go to google.com/maps and type in the City of Medical Lake then follow S. Lefevre St. to W. Fancher Rd. taking this road (which turns into a gravel road) until you reach S. Ladd Rd. At this point, to your left (S.) you will see a pond. This pond is just a few hundred ft. north of Hidden Lake. Again, sorry there is no access to this lake but you may be able to get permission to access the lake via a land owner/farmer.
ACCESSIBILITY: No access allowed.

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