Saturday, January 11, 2020

What's New?


Our sailing classes have been enhanced with new course material, etc. Plus we added 2 new classes. 1. Board Sailing, which is sailing with a hand held sail while on a paddle board and 2. Adventure Coastal Sailing that takes place in Westport WA., which is a class for those that want to sail on the ocean with confidence. This course is not for the faint of heart as we will be sailing in big waves and dealing with a lot of current, etc. Basically the class is a cross between river rafting and sailing.

The new learn-to-sail book I have been writing is very close to being finished. This book will include the typical basics of sailing (with a refreshing twists), but also include how to surf sail, navigate rough environments, sail with a disAbility, and so on. We will post a big colorful announce when its available.

We are restarting our disAbled/accessible sailing program. Some of the events will be free and some will not due to city or park fees, etc. To participate in these events one must sign up by visiting our calendar and clicking on the event details. Click here to learn about our disAbled/accessible sailing program. Please if you can please donate funding, which allows up to pay for our insurance and various program needs. Its all tax deductible.

New products include the Corsair Pulse 600 a 21 foot high performance trimaran sailboat. People new to sailing (after taking our sailing class) or those with experience will love this boat. We have also added Naish Foiling Boards (cross between a paddle/long surf board and foiling board) and hand held Wing Sails (to be added to this site shortly). So when you are out paddling and a big wind comes you can use it to your advantage for some fun sailing.

We are starting a new monthly videos series covering new product reviews, sailing skills tutorials, and sailing news, etc. Please subscribe to our channel. Visit our youtube channel regularly to keep up to date.

Yes we will have an Online Store soon. We have always been focused on local in store sales but those days are over as most people purchase their products online. Our customers are spread out all over the large area of the Inland NW so coming to our store is not terribly convenient. We will post a big colorful announce when its open.

Just a reminder our Boating the Inland Northwest Lakes Guide (includes rivers and reservoirs) is ever expanding with new updates regularly. If you are looking for places to sail or paddle within the Inland NW this resource is available to you for free. Visit the Lakes Guide.

Happy New! Lets make 2020 a memorable year with lots of sailing and community involvement!

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