The Hobie 16 (H16) is the number one raced beach cat in the world (length 16'7”), a catamaran designed for speed and performance, and sailed by a two-person team. The patented Trapseats, (which are a hammock like bolt on wing seats) can be added to the H16, creating an exciting adaptive sailboat able to accommodate a multitude of disAbilities. H16's can be purchased used at a very economical price or can be purchased new. Either way it is a low cost option as compared to most other boats. Trapseats can be purchased new but as yet they are hard to find used. When racing the H16 Trapseat, the skipper works with a crew member (called the monkey) to sail as a team. The skipper typically stays seated in the Trapseat, never crossing from one side to the other when tacking/jibing. The crew moves around the boat to adjust the sails, leverage the boat via trapezing, etc.


We are currently preparing to produce our first batch of seats for 2017. We will have a limited number of seats available due to demand. If you would like to purchase a set we highly recommend you place a deposit of $500. Final price will likely be between $1000-$1500 without shipping.

HOBIE 16 PRICE (without Trapseats) $11,199 without shipping. For more info CLICK HERE!

The Hobie Wave catamaran is the worlds number one rented sailboat due to its robust and durable construction... largely due to its virtually indestructible rotomolded polyethylene hulls. The boat is extremely stable, yet is fast and exciting to sail. The Wave comes with a single 95 square foot no boom mainsail; a jib and/or spinnaker can be added if desired. When adaptions are needed to accommodate various disAbilities one can add backrests to give support to skipper and crew, and further adaptions can be added via various seating systems utilizing the backrests to give the seat more support. Wave's are easy to sail and extremely stable as compared to their non ballasted monohull counterparts, making them a very safe boat for any adaptive/accessible program. This cat can be easily sailed solo or with a crew of up to 3 persons (depending on weight).

HOBIE WAVE BACKRESTS PRICE $859 without shipping.

HOBIE WAVE PRICE (without Trapseats) $5,799 without shipping. For more info CLICK HERE!

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The Hobie Island (Island) was originally designed for those wanting a kayak and trimaran type sailing craft; but unbeknownst to Hobie Co. they created one of the most economical accessible sailboats on the market today. The Island comes in two models, a single seater (Adventure Island, AI) or tandem (Tandem Island, TI). Both come with a furling mainsail (optional jib available), rotomolded polyethylene hulls, paddle(s), kick up rudder and centerboard, highly adjustable and accommodating seating system, and pedal system called the Mirage Drive. The Mirage Drive pedal drive system can drive the boat forward or in reverse (2017 model) with an easy flip of the switch. A hand crank adaption can be added for those with no use of their legs. Steering is via a simple handle, which a tiller extension can be added to. Other steering options can be added to accommodate various needs. This trimarans amas and akas can be folded in for easy docking and trailering; and extended and locked for a low heal, very stable, and near impossible to capsize sail. The trimaran can be easily dismantled for vehicle top transporting. Hobie also offers an electric motor system for the Island as well, thus allowing the boat to be motored, sailed, pedaled, paddled all within a light weight craft (AI 115 lbs, TI 190 lbs).

HOBIE AI PRICE $4,749 without shipping. For more info CLICK HERE!
HOBIE TI PRICE $6,649 without shipping. For more info CLICK HERE!


The Strahle Chair is designed by world champion sailor, Mike Strahle. This adaptive chair is designed to accommodate various disAbilities to sail aboard various monohulls, such as the Sonar. This chair is currently under re-design and is also being adapted to fit the Hobie Island and Wave. Stay tuned for more info and pricing.



To learn more about accessible/adaptive recreation and accommodations visit accesstooutdoors.com

Attention! We are trying to acquire a new or used Hobie 16 to put our Trapseats on. To donate funding or a boat please contact us via funtosail@gmail.com or call 208-704-4454. All donations are tax deductible.

VIDEO 1. Hobie Tandem Island sailing/kayaking on the Spokane River.

 VIDEO 2. This is a sports video from the Paralyzed Vets of America. We are proud to announce that 19:41 minutes into the video, our program and participants are featured on Lake Coeur d’Alene using a Hobie Adventure Island and a Hobie 16 with Trapseats. The only sailing in this video is from our program.

VIDEO 3. Hobie Tandem Island sailing and surfing on Lake Pend Oreille

*Participation can result in injury or even death. We are not held liable for the safety of participants; however, should we think it unsafe for any reason, we reserve the right to not allow person(s) to participate in our program. Participants should consult their Doctor and/or treatment team prior to any participation in any of our programs.

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