Access To Outdoors (ATO) a non profit organization collaborates with FunToSAIL to assist persons with disAbilities to access the water via our marine facilities improvement work, sailing and other water sports programming, and adaptive equipment efforts.

Accessible Marine Sites: Go to our Boating the Inland NW Lakes Guide and find the name of a body of water you are interested in accessing. You will find an accessibility scale for each site. http://funtosail.blogspot.com/p/lakes.html
Sailing Lessons: Follow this link to our Lessons section to find lessons offered for persons with disAbilities. http://funtosail.blogspot.com/p/lessons.html
Sailing and Water Sports Events: Go to our Calendar for sailing events and programs. The word ATO will indicates if the event/lesson is accessible to persons with disAbilities.  http://funtosail.blogspot.com/p/cal.html
Invitational Hobie 16 Trapseat Cup and Access Water Sports Clinic! Postponed until 2021. This is an annual international invitational disAbled/accessible regatta and educational access water sports clinic. http://funtosail.blogspot.com/p/trapseat-cup.html
Accessible Aquatic Center: We are activity seeking funding and a site for a future marine facility specifically designed for persons with disAbilities. Email us for details accesstooutdoors@gmail.com
Sailboats and Adaptive Equipment: Please email us at accesstooutdoors@gmail.com to determine which boat and adaptive equipment is right for you or visit the page tabs above to look at each of the boats FunToSAIL sells. See videos near the bottom of this page.

Two ways to contribute...

A. Funding is essential in support of our regattas and establishing our projects/programs, and building an Accessible Aquatic Facility. Your financial support insures sailors with disAbilities can attend events, regattas and clinics have the proper support, etc. Your donation is tax deductible. To donate or learn more email us at accesstooutdoors@gmail.com . Currently our most pressing need is to acquire $7000 to purchase some adaptive equipment. Also we need to acquire 2 more Hobie 16's to attach Trapseats to (currently have 2 boats with Trapseats), two inflatable skiffs with 25 hp outboards, gear, and a trailer to carry it all. Plus 2 beach access mats so persons using mobility devices like wheelchairs can pass over sand to and from our boats. And there is the big need to funding the construction of an Accessible Aquatic Center. In addition we have multiple access projects that need support (see projects at Boating the Inland NW). These items and projects will allow us to run regattas and other events with no need for participates to own boats or bring boats and accessible equipment to any of our or other organizations accessible events.

Donate via PayPal https://form.jotform.com/93398144786170

B. Volunteer to help us run our programs, regattas, and clinics. Needs include but are not limited to experienced sailors to serve as crew, shore crew, support boat operators with their own boats (until we acquire our own skiffs), maintaining sailboats to be used during events and programs, etc. To volunteer please emails us at accesstooutdoors@gmail.com . Click here for calendar of event.

For more information please contact us at accesstooutdoors@gmail.com or text 208-704-4781.


About Mike Strahle: https://bit.ly/2ZuIYBK
Trapseat Sailing: https://bit.ly/2Lkijxy
Great article about adaptive sailing: https://bit.ly/2khaRK0
Hobie 16 Blue Book: https://bit.ly/1LTaCtm


HOBIE 16 TRAPSEAT CHAMPIONSHIPS. Canadian news interview.

Paralyzed Vets of America CONTINUE video. Trapseat sailing at 19:40 minute mark.


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