Thursday, June 19, 2014

2014 Desert Regatta Results

On the 14th of June the Sea Cats and members of Inland NW Sailors attended the 2014 Desert Regatta, an annual regatta that takes place at Charbonneau State Park on the Snake River just above Ice Harbor Dam some 17 miles southeast of Pasco WA. This event is hosted by the Columbia Basin Sailing Club. This is the primary small boat regatta within the Inland NW and a well attended one at that.

Included in the racing were a fleet of Fly Scouts, Thistles, mix of trailer-able keelboats,
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and Hobie cat’s. Due to 34 knots of wind on Saturday many sailors stayed at the dock and beach with only 3 Hobie cat’s out on the course. It took quite a bit of skill to race in this strength of wind, mainly due to the gusting and shifting winds. We only had one capsize for the days racing. 

On Sunday the wind speeds were less (15-20 knots) allowing most sailors to race. And the winds were less shifty and more consistent. You can get the results at www…. Some of the Inland NW Sailors raced only on Saturday so the race results are skewed due to that fact.

On the way home on Sunday some of us stopped at the Palouse Falls to go for a short hike and take lots of pictures. If you have not visited this site the water fall is 183 high with a castle like rock formation next to it.

Please visit our calendar as next month on the 10th is a fun float down the North Fork of the Coeur d’Alene River, followed by sailing camping adventure July 25th through the 28th. We will camp out at Lion Head beach/park and do a lot of sailing and swimming, and slide down a natural water slide. Fun, fun, fun! 

This Saturday June 21 is the next learn-to-sail class… more info about this class is on the calendar.

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