Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Hello fellow sailors!


It is now official our Sea Scout Ship/troop is on and its called the Sea Cats. Now there is way locally for youth to get involved in all aspects of small boat sailing. Learn more by visiting our Sea Cat website at or see the tab near the top of this site. This is a co-ed ship for those ages 14-20. There is a information flyer you can print out on the Sea Cat site.

Our first meeting is May 1st at 7:PM at the SAIL Marine store (sorry for the short notice). Then the following day on May 2nd we will leave for our camping trip to Bonnie Lake. I sent you all an email previously telling you about this event. You can come with us on Friday or come out Saturday morning. For more details email me back or call 208-704-4454. I went out the other day to take a look at the creek we will have to travel up to get into the lake and its perfect right now to navigate. One slight change only boats 4 foot wide (not 6 ft) will be able to navigate this creek. So the creek is suited for Hobie Bravo's, Islands, and other light weight dinghies. Those with kayaks will tow sailboats up the creek. We may need a couple extra kayaks/canoes so if you have one you could let us use please let us know. Learn about Bonnie Lake at

Funding raising and recruitment will be a big part of our efforts this year. We are looking for any used sailboats that we could get donated and then we will either sell or use the boats for our program. Even though the fleet is focused on small boat sailing such as with Hobie Wave's, Bravo's, 16's, and Islands we are also going to use Keelboat since some members of this club have already offered to take our scouts out. HELP> Right now we are seeking funding for a Hobie Wave that has fallen into our lap for $1600. We only have a few days to pay for it because if we don't the owner will sell it to someone else. So if you know any individuals or businesses/orgs that could donate part or all for this total let me know. In addition we are looking for Hobie 16's. Plus for the paralyzed vets and youth we are trying to acquire a fleet of Hobie Islands. Our big goal is to eventually acquire a permanent home to sail from where our boats can be left set up. There is a lot of work to make all this happen but I believe its going to develop into an amazing program that its time has finally come... We really need a youth sailing program in this area.

ATTENTION please let me know if you our coming on our Sailing Campout/Adventure. Either email or call me to let me know if you are coming. If you are coming on Saturday I need to know so I can meet you at the launch.


Fair winds,

Miles Moore
Sea Cat Skipper

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