Monday, April 21, 2014


Hello fellow sailors!


Calendar… I wanted to inform you all that the new calendar of events is up at . There is a tab near the top of the website that says calendar. Here is the direct link… . The google calendar on the side bar has been deleted as I continued to have problems with it.


Bonnie Lake… In May the first event is on the 30-31, a paddle and sailing trip on Bonnie Lake. There are limiting factors for boats in accessing this lake… Shallow draft (foot or so), height no more than 5 feet (have to pass under a bridge but can put up ones master after passing under it), and width about 6 feet (Islands may have to keep their outriggers folded for a few hundred feet. To access the lake we have to travel up a creek into the lake for about a half mile. Once in the lake it’s very deep and wide enough to enjoy sailing. You can either access the lake on Saturday with us or come Friday and camp overnight on a volcanic Island. Again visit the calendar page to learn more. I might add this is an amazing trip you will not want to miss… in addition to this beautiful canyon lake there is an amazing water fall.

Lessons… Also in May I have two learn-to-sail classes on May 10th and May 17th… again dates and details are on the calendar page.

Sail Fest… The big event I need help with this year is on June 7th, the Sail & Paddle Fest. This event introduces people to sailing and helps us get new members. I also need everyone to bring their sailboats and Islands. Please if you have a boat please come and give people rides. Last year we had one Keelboat, several Wave’s and Islands, and Super Snark. This year I want to expand the number of boats we have. This event focuses on trailer-able sailboats… monohulls and multihulls.

Splash… This year on August 2nd I am starting the first annual Splash event at Higgins Point on Lake Coeur d’Alene.  The plan is to come on Friday (most will come Friday evening) and camp overnight on our boats (no camping allowed at Higgins Points other than on your boats (nearby camping available). Friday evening we will sail the Wolf Lodge Express… amazing winds. Then on Saturday I will put out some cans and we will do some fun racing. After the racing we will have a pot luck dinner. I know some of us do not sail on Sundays so for those of you that want to sail on Sunday it will be a cruising day. Learn more by visiting the calendar page…

Check out the calendar as there are other events, etc. posted…

SEA SCOUTS… This year we will have a new addition to our club in the way of the Sea Scouts. Finally we will have a youth component and already we have youth members. If you know any youth that would like to join our Sea Scout Ship (called ship not troop) send them our way by having them call me (Miles Moore) at 208-704-4454 or email me at . Our ship is called the Sea Cats!

ACCESSIBLE/DISABLED…Via help of a new members we were able to apply for a grant for the accessible/disAbled sailing program. I am very hopeful this grant will be approved. The program is primarily focused on sailors with spinal cord injuries. The boats used for this program are Hobie Islands as the last few years have proven that the Island is the ideal accessible sailboat. I am trying to build a fleet of Islands with adaptive seats. These boats will also of course be used for the Sea Cats as well. If you would like to donate or help in anyway please give me a call me (Miles Moore) at 208-704-4454 or email me at . Watch this amazing video to see why the Island is so Ideal…

SAIL Marine… The SAIL Marine store is now open on Tuesday 10-5 and open Saturday 10-2 when I have no classes or activities. Besides myself (Miles Moore) working the store, Corine will help run the store along with Scout Bailey (some of you know him from a few years past from the accessible sailing program). We still have the goal to expand the store by offering more line and parts. I still specialize in trailer-able keelboats, continue to sell Hobie Cats and Hobie Islands, and Super Snarks.

ONLINE STORE… As some of you know we are currently working on a new online store. We are close to completing it. The store address is and we will announce when it opens. It is our hope this store will make it easier for you to order, etc. This site will not just be for Hobie’s but will include items for trailer-able keelboats and monohulls sailing dinghies. In addition the site will have a dedicated pages for Hobie Islands. Once it’s up I hope you will give us feedback, good or bad.


I now of a new club email which is . My business/sales email is still .

END… There is a lot going on this season and I hope we can all be more active than ever. We do have a lot of new members so as a club we are growing. The Hobie Island group is becoming a big part of the club. Have a nice day! I hope to see you all this May 3rd.

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