Sunday, November 13, 2011

Riverstone RC Model Sailing

Hello fellow sailors I just wanted to let everyone know how the RC model sailing activity turned out on Nov. 12, 2011. We had only 3 boats show up and even though that was a little disappointing I attributed it to the fact that it snowed the night before. However the wind was great and was not to cold. It was a great morning of sailing and I had a real hard time having to stop.

Here is a picture of the ponds launch rock as we call it. It’s a long rock that sticks out into the pond that makes it really easy to launch from as the water is nice and deep. The Riverstone Pond has very clean water because it’s filtered and well maintained. It’s my favorite pond to RC model sail on due to the clean water, great wind, and lack of the green algae and milfoil that you see in so many ponds. Also if your boat malfunctions it will not sail off into the horizon but will just land on shore.

Next month (Dec.) this pond is most likely going to be froze so we will sail at Independence Point right next to and on the west side of the Coeur d’Alene Resort. See calendar to the right of this article on this website for venue info, etc. Also to learn about this and other sailing venues, lakes, etc. go to

By... Miles Moore commodore of Sailing the Inland NW and owner of


  1. Thanks Miles,
    It was fun getting out to sail our R/C sailboats since my full size sailboats are in dry storage for the winter. Hope to see you next month at Independence Point. Have a Great Thanksgiving,
    Capt. Mitch

  2. Miles,
    I plan on coming to the event on Dec. 3rd. Happy Birthday,( Mine is on the 12th of Dec.) See you then,
    Capt. Mitch

  3. Looks like my daughter will be coming to this event as well and her birthday is on Dec. 1st. so 3 birthday people will be there. May have to make this sailing activity a birthday party :)