The Super Sea Snark monohull sailboat comes complete with nylon sail, daggerboard, kick up rudder and tiller, riggings and fittings. Mast, spar and boom are aluminum. Wooden parts are marine varnished (available as upgrades in plastic). The open cockpit design (like a canoe) gives you plenty of legroom. Just add water and go. Snark's are unsinkable, the internal hull being completely filled with EPS foam leaving no voids. The external hull and deck are formed out of rugged ABS polymer, which is vacuum formed over the core to give an extremely durable hull. And, all Snark models are car toppable at just 50 lbs all up weight (fully rigged boat).

Crew: 1-2     Length: 11'    Beam: 3' 2"     Capacity: 310 lbs     Weight: 50 lbs     Draft w/ Rudders Up: 1'17" 
Sail Area: 45 sq ft     Hull Construction: EPS foam core with vacuum formed ABS polymer armorclad skin over cockpit and hull.
SUPER SEA SNARK (#ASB114) $1,350... without shipping and sales tax if applicable. ATTENTION: Boats available in May or June which may include a price increase.

REFUNDS: No refunds allowed after date of purchase/date of payment.

Freight is set at $350. If freight is less you will get a check or credit, whichever you prefer. 

Idaho residents boat comes without sail and spars... can use boat as cat-a-raft for $3,199. Sail Kit separate $300.

SHIPPING: ATTENTION Do Not sign the form the truck driver will give you for your boat delivery without FIRST opening the box and inspecting all items. The paper you are signing gives them permission to say that the boat is "OK with no damage." If damage is latter found you nor SSSA or FunToSAIL will have any legal means to get you a replacement, you will have to buy whatever is missing or damaged, along with paying to have it shipped to you. So please inspect your boat thoroughly before the shipping truck driver leaves. If damage is found a claim must be done by you who received the boat. FunToSAIL will send you any documentation that is required on your claim. Damage is not common but happens from time to time.

RETURNS: We do not allow returns/refunds once boat has shipped. A boat damaged due to shipping will be arranged between you and the freight company.


Run one line thru mast cap (22) and pass thru eye strap (18) then tie around spar at "C", haul sail up and tie off at cleat (21). Take other line, tie one end to eye strap on tiller handle (4), pass other end thru  ring (19) at "A" then thru next  ring at "B", tie figure eight knot in end to prevent slipping back through the ring. Hold knotted end of line in hand to control sail.


REPAIRING YOUR HULL - Two part epoxy cement can be used to keep your rub rail for coming off or repair that little hole you received on shore. Large areas of damage will requires a fiberglass repair. Fiberglass comes in bulk or as a kit. Both epoxy fillers used on autos or general epoxy cement works.

Remember to NOT USE Petroleum based products or related to Fiberglass on your hull using Polyester resins is not a good idea as they tend to melt the hull material.

Painting your ABS hull is done best with enamel paints but just to be safe with the paint you purchased do a test spot to see how it sticks. Several coats will be needed versus doing one heavy coat. Paint tends to dissolve foam so keep the paint on the ABS plastic only. All foam Super Sea Snark hulls must not be painted but can be lightly sanded to get a cleaner look. Fiberglass-ing the entire hull is a bit over kill and so it is best just to buy a new complete hull from us as the amount of fiberglass you will have to use to cover the entire hull will be very costly.

These products can be purchased at Home Depot, and other like stores.

PARTS THAT ARE LOOSE can reduce the performance of your boat and potential cause an item to pull out while sailing.

Apply epoxy cement to loose parts by coating the threads and re-insert them.

Loose Rudders or Mast you can use electrical tape around the area that is most loose at point of contact like at the top of the rudder blade. With the masts you can also drill a hole in the mast sleeve and mast under the Mast Seat/Cross Member Assembly. This also helps the mast keep from sliding out during a capsize.


Purchasing new parts for old boats - All new Sea/Supper Snarks & Sunflowers use a plastic gudgeon and rudder head. If your boat does not use plastic then you will need to replace your old parts with these new plastic parts.

SAIL REPAIR - Ripped sails can be fix via sail tape available from us ( email us at ). Depending on the age of your sail a piece of nylon fabric can be used to repair a tear but remember with old sails putting in new stitching (small holes in the old fabric) can actually reduce the strength of the old material potentially causing more ripping. If you need a new sail we recommend purchasing our upgrade sail that is made of more durable material than manufacture supplied sail that first came with the boat.

To clean your sail use soap such a Simple Green and remember to not use too much soap as it will take awhile to get the soap out of the material. Lay your sail out and hand wash it or put it in your bath tub and scrub while it is immersed in water. Never never put a sail in a washing machine.

Mast Top Cap - if you loose the mast cap and do not have time to get a new one simply drill a hope at the top of the mast and insert an eye bolt. You can run the halyard (line that pulls up the sail) through the eye bolt.

RIGGING LINE - 3/16 Nylon Line/Rope

REPLACING THE SPARS (Mast, Boom, Spar) - Shipping a spar long distance can be costly due to their length so we recommend purchasing this item locally if at all possible. If you can not find a spar we would be glad to ship you one.

Mast Replacement
Super/Sea Snark - 84" long x 1-1/8" Diameter
Sunflower - 99" long x 1-1/8" Diameter
EMT Thin wall conduit works well for the mast.
Install eyebolt at mast top for halyard line.
Tap can be used to make the mast fit snuggly in the mast sleeve and/or install a mast base bolt.

Boom Replacement
Super/Sea Snark - 120" long x 3/4" Diameter
Sunflower - 120" long x 7/8" Diameter
1/2 EMT Thin wall conduit works well for the boom (outside diameter is actually more like 5/8"). Comes in 10' length.
To drill hardware holes use the old boom or sail as a pattern for where to drill the new holes.
Upper Spar/Upper Boom Replacement
Sea/Super Snark - 120" long x 3/4" Diameter
Sunflower - 148" long x 7/8" Diameter
1/2 EMT Thin wall conduit works well for the boom (outside diameter is actually more like 5/8"). Comes in 10' length.
Sunflower - Since the sunflower spar is a little longer use a 30" piece of 3/4" EMT electrical conduit tubing and fit it over the the 1/2" conduit and bolt it in place to make an extension so the spar is a total length of 148"
To drill hardware holes use the old spar or sail as a pattern for where to drill the new holes.

1/2 Plywood at 8-12" wide x 30" Long X 1/2" Thick. Cut 2" wide cap and glue to rudder top via wood glue (gorilla glue works well).
Apply several coats of Polyurethane or varnish to seal the wood.

1/2 Plywood at 7" wide x 20" Long X 1/2" Thick.
Apply several coats of Polyurethane or varnish to seal the wood.

Replace L-PIN with 6" length x 1/4" diameter with lock nut.


All prices are subject to change without notice!
Prices shown on this web site do not include in state tax or shipping charges.

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  1. We just bought ourselves a used "Sunflower," which I think is the same thing as a Snark? Our friend is bringing it by Friday and we're putting down on our beach that morning. My husband caught the sailing bug awhile ago, and a small $200 used runabout is perfect. Can't wait to see my Captain in action! Thank you!!!

    1. Congrats,,, $200's is a great price for such a good little boat. Tip it over next to a dock to make sure you can right it and get back into it. Cutting the bottom off a milk jug keeping the camp on makes a great bailer, which you are going to need after it gets righted. Using a type 4 throw-able cushion is nice to sit on or to throw at a person who is drowning. Having a nice water proof flash light is going to have on hand in case you get caught out in the evening. And have a good life jacket on hand. Have fun!

  2. I had a Sunflower and Sea Devil. Both stored in the sun and the ABS came off the styrofoam and both boats were a complete loss.

  3. Hi, this is Jorge M. Sotolongo looking for a new or used Super Sea Snark boat for sailing.
    I live in Miami Dade, Florida.
    Jorge M Sotolongo

    1. I am hoping we can start shipping snarks the end of this month (Aug). Not a for sure thing as the darn supply chain issues have been a big challenge last year and this. Email me for more info at

  4. It's now Sept. 21, 2022. Any news regarding production of Snarks or Sunflowers yet?

    1. Sorry it's not looking good with snarks going into production any time soon. We at funtosail just started selling the Rocket, a 14-foot boat in line with the Sunfish and Snark. Is a board boat with Lateen sail. Love this boat as its also can some similarities of a Laser also. Its totally built in the USA. Check it out at this link!/Rocket/p/492442292/category=0

  5. I have perfect condition super snark for sale

    1. Where do you live any pictures?

    2. Sorry Anonymous who asked "where do you live any pictures." We at thought this pages was closed to anyone viewing it as the Snark is now out of production, and not sure the person you were asking a question to is coming to this page anymore. We will leave this page up the rest of this month (March 2023) so they can reply if possible.