Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Boating Fails

 I know its winter and some of us who stop boating during this time need a little joy at others expense. This video will do the trick.

So a few comments because the person who put this video together seems to not know much about boating so I want to comment on a few of the clips in this video.
- The guy who is the skipper but puts the boats on auto pilot and gets on a wake board while another is skiing is so illresponsioble. The skipper falls and the skier tries to climb back to the boat while via the tow line but also falls. Now there is no one on the boat and now the boat is a deadly craft that will end up hitting the shore or worse hit others resulting in injuries or worse. I might add ski/wake boats are suppose to have 3 persons, a skipper (driver), a lookout/watcher on the boat, and then the one skiing. This boat in the video only had two on board, skipper and skier. Crazy to see how totally illresponsioble people can be.
- Throwing furniture off a boat creates boating hazards.
- The red SUV spinning its wheels at a launch is common and happens to the best of us. Algae or other growth on the launch pad is common and makes it tough to gain traction. To avoid slipping only back down the launch far enough just to slightly float the boat and hopefully your front tires are not on the wet launch pad. Bringing a sand bag can help by applying a little by your tires. 4x4 does help. Just be aware that you can get super stuck on slippery launches.
- Securing your boat to the trailer is always a good idea or you will end up like the guy in the video clip.
- Not sure why the guy was sitting so far aft in his boat that he falls off. The lanyard was not used (lanyard hooks to the skipper and motor kill switch) as the motor kept on running with him not onboard.
- Video commentator is right a bailer like a bucket and/or pump is always a good idea.
- Never seen a heavy powerboat being launch via a dolly. Not a great idea.
- Yes low bridges are always a common problem with unaware boaters. If in doubt of clearance do not do it.
- And freak slow the Freak down when your in rough water instead of losing passengers overboard, and creating damages to the boat and passengers. I never get why powerboaters seem like slowing down is a bad idea. The girl headbanging in the video has to have a sore neck. Freak slow down in the marina, near shore, and by other boats. Its the law by the way!
- The clip of the boat on a trailer rolling down the road solo is interesting as it appears the tongue jack is down and obviously the trailer was not secured properly. If you not sure of how to hook a trailer to your vehicle go to a trailer place to learn. Leaving the tongue jack down will certainly put pressure on the hitch to push if off hitch ball even if secured properly. Not all videos on online teach this properly.
- If you see a powerboat filling with water while its being launch its likely the stern is secured to the trailer so when one backs in, the stern will scoop water. Also while on the water this can happen when the stern is direct into the waves. Note to self, pointy end goes into the waves.
- Not sure why the commentator says "this boat is as useful as a surfboard." Actually surfboards are very useful. The small boat in the clip is having a hard time starting the motor but is no real danger other than its a little rough along the non beach/soft shoreline, that can be a problem.
- One of the most dangerous clips is of the two guys in the very small inflatable boat in a super raging river. The shoreline is covered in bushes and low hanging trees. These are called sweepers and they will grab you, pulling you under, and drown you. Really hard for me to believe either of these guys got out of the water alive, hope they did. Can not express enough how dangerous sweepers are.
- Lots of the issues in this video is people simply being unwise or just downright unsafe for their own good.
- Falling overboard has all kinds of issues especially if you fall off at the bow and then get hit by the prop that can maim or kill you. I had a friend who lost is leg to a prop. I know of a grandpa who was pulling his grandkid in from the stern, he did not turn off the motor and the kid was killed by the prop.
- Common in the clips is boats being overloaded by two many people onboard, and their gear adds even more weight causing the boats to swamp/sink. Learn the limits of your boat.
- I hear people laughing in many of the video clips when they should be concerned, they have no clue of the dangers.

The point of this video to me is if you are new to boating take a safe boating class and in addition an on-the-water skills class.

I should do my own videos. Fun boating fails that are not too unsafe and ones that are dangerous boating fails.

Not trying to spoil the fun. Some of the video is certainly fun to watch and some of the clips should make us gasp with concern.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanks Giving!

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