Thursday, February 16, 2023

Wind & Ice

I like to get at least one or more sails in during the winter. I also wanted to get a last sail in for 2022. On the 26th of January I took my Hobie Mirage Tandem Island (TI) for a sail on Hayden Lake, Idaho USA. I do not mind cold weather; 38 degrees was actually pretty warm for me. There was a nice breeze of around 2-5 knots resulting in low wind chill, and a nice wind allowing me to clip along at a good speed.

It was a solo sail with my safety gear on. The thing I love about the TI is its stable platform, allowing one to not worry much about a capsize in frigid water. Regardless I always have my safety gear on. I also like to sail with a friend or family member as being with someone is an added safety measure, but the reality is sometimes you have to sail solo, like I did on this day.

I did make a short video of this sail and commented that the lake had not frozen over in 2022. Then just a few days later the temperature droved to 20 degrees during the day and even lower of course during the night for 3 days. And bingo the lake almost totally froze over (see pics). So, 2022 ended with a cold snap and lots of ice. Good news is this new year with warmer temperatures and little ice.

Most of the lake was frozen other than this one spot in the distance.

4th day after the start of the freeze and not much ice is left. Ice came and gone. Was amazed who quickly the ice melted when the temp was just below freezing during the day.

 January sail on Hayden Lake, Idaho USA aboard my TI.

A later video from my February sail on Lake Coeur d'Alene Idaho USA aboard a new TI delivered to a customer.

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