Sunday, June 26, 2022

Malbec 18 First Summer Sail

Saturday, June 25 was the second time I have sailed my Malbec 18, and first time in the summer. I had 1-5 knots of wind during my sailing class I was teaching from noon to about 3, but then after the class the wind piped up to 7-10 knots while sailing with my wife. I cannot express enough just how well this boat sails in very light to stronger winds. The boat will sail with a whisper of wind and handle stronger winds as well.

The boat is easy to rig, taking my time it only takes 20 minutes are so. Less rigging time means more sailing time.

Part of the plan is to use my boat as a RV for camping, a Recreational Vessel (RV). We will be doing several trips soon and will post those experience here. So, stay tuned for more.


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