Sunday, March 27, 2022

FINAL RESULTS: 2022 Mubadala United States Sail Grand Prix | Day 1 & Day 2

Season 2 is done, and team Australia won it all again (2nd time). What is their key to success? 1. They hit the starts of each race typically full speed on their foils and with a few seconds to spare after the start gun goes off, whereas the other teams seem to want to hit the start like a monohull right as the gun goes off not at full speed. 2. Australia's top speed is consistently faster than the other teams, meaning they have their boat dialed in better than the others. Until the other teams do better in these 2 areas Australia will continue to win.

My hat is off to team USA as they had major challenges this season due to other boats seeming to run into them over and over, which happened again on that last day before the final. Luckily the damage to team USA's boat was repairable before the final.

Team Japan got 2nd in the final race again (3 teams qualify for the big final). They also are a consistent team. Let's hope next year more teams will be dialed in and learn from team Australia.

This year there were 8 teams racing but next year there will be 10, make for even more exiting racing.

Season 3 (2022-23) starts very quickly this May 14-15 (2022) in Bermuda, then in June in Chicago, and so on finishing again in San Francisco on May 6-7, 2023. Learn more by staying tuned here at or for even more information at 



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