Friday, December 24, 2021

SailGP Racing December 2022

Was a crazy series of racing during this recent SailGP event in Australia (Dec 16-17, 2022). Many thought the racing might come down to Great Britian (GB) and Australia. GB dominated last year's event in Australia by pretty much wining every race. This year however GB cut off the bow of Team Japan's boat with their foil when they did not see them at the start of a race (see video below). Credit to team GB in the following day races as they gave their boat to team Japan, which took them out of the days racing of course, and eliminated the possibility of them winning the racing series overall at the final in San Fransico this March. They may still race in San Fan in spite of no possibility point wise in winning the years final. Read Jimmy's take on the final in San Fan.

In Australia the final race came down to team Australia and team USA. Team USA with skipper Jimmy Spithill have been very consistent throughout the whole year of racing putting them in second place overall. In the final race in Australia, it seemed team Australia's boat was just a bit faster, allowing them to stay in front of team USA the whole race. I am sure team USA will figure this issue out making the final in San Fran very exciting to watch.

The year's final racing in San Fan has 3 places to qualify for. Team USA and Australia are both guaranteed a spot in the final race, however there is one place still open, and the 2 days of racing will determine that. Many are betting team Japan will qualify as they also have been very consistent throughout the year. However, all 8 teams are very competitive and close in points overall.

So, stay tuned as the years final is this March 26-27, 2022. Will be a heated battle for that 3rd spot in the final race.

If you missed the racing visit to watch the recaps and full racing videos.

Notice the starboard missing bow

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