Monday, January 4, 2021

Club Activity 2-13-21

Hello fellow Inland NW Sailors! Its a new year with new sailing activities and classes. To see 2021 activities please visit the Calendar/Club page. We are still doing some planning that has not been posted yet. We will either post activities on the calendar or in the comment section at the bottom of the Calendar/Club page. Actually most activities will be posted in the comment section. If you plan to attend an activity you must make a comment, if you do not make a comment I will assume your not attending.

Just this Jan 2nd we change the sailing location from Hayden Lake to Lake CdA because there was only two of us. So with no comments we assumed no one else was coming.

It is really important to make a comment at the bottom of the Calendar/Club page to introduce yourself as part of the club. Please tell people your first name and boat you sail or would like to sail, etc. Lets have a nice active club this year after a previous year of craziness.

We will be planning the following sailing activities... This May Potholes Reservoir sail and beach party; Priest Lake to Upper Priest Lake sail camp trip; Full length sail of Lake Pend Oreille; Sail to Wild Horse Island and back on Flathead Lake MT; etc.

Again visit the Calendar/Club page

Here is a video of the type of camp sailing we will be doing this summer...

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