Monday, December 28, 2020

Americas Cup Series 1

The first series of the Americas Cup World Series took place last week with mixed reviews on the boats. These large foiling monohulls seemed very unstable on day 1 but the teams seemed to get better control of the boats on day 2. Ultimately Team USA won the series over New Zealand.

Team New Zealand hit 49 knots for a moment but over all the speeds in strong winds was 30-40 knots as compared to the smaller SailGP cats of 40-50 knots. So the SailGP cats still have the top speed advantage and seems to be smoother in turns. Still the new AC75 foiling monohulls are fun to watch.

The whole AC Americas racing process to win the Cup starts with the Prada Cup this February 15th to determine which 2 boats will enter the Americas Cup final. My bet is on America Magic Team USA winning it all.

On a sad note is to watch it live in the USA it cost $175. It may be worth it to you to pay the fee but not so for me, thus why I am reporting on the results so late.

It was certainly nice to watch some sailboat racing again after a whole year of cancelled races.

Here is the highlight video from the racing (video does not show the difficulties they teams had in controlling their boats).

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