Monday, August 31, 2020

Boat Explosion

In this video the boat is at a fueling dock and explodes throwing the mother of the family out of the boat into the water. It’s not stated in any reports what caused the explosion but if one looks closely you can see the husband at the helm of the boat. Its likely he turned the key to start the motor before turning the blower on for 4 minutes as taught in my and all other safe boating courses.

Lack of maintenance, not having proper ventilation, improper storage of fuel, and not using the blower are all recipes for disastrous explosions. This is true for some larger sailboats as well that have inboard motors. Fact is if you have any fuel on board for a motor, cooking stove, etc. not matter the amount can be enough to sicken those on board due to breathing in the fumes and again can explode.

Before you get to a fueling dock ventilate your boat via opening hatches, etc. Once near the dock close all hatches so the fumes near the dock to not float into the bilge (low areas in the boat), etc. Fuel up and turn on the blower before turning on the motor. Once away from the dock ventilate again to insure the fumes have not settled in your boat.

The mother, husband, and daughter along with the man at the fuel dock who all ended up in the water were not hurt in this incident. Good on the dock fueling attendant to move the fuel away from the boat. The boat did catch on fire and was heavily damaged.

Boat safe! Also remember to be aware of boats around you as they may not be practicing safe boating skills/good seamanship.

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