Saturday, April 11, 2020

2020 Sailing Season Cancelled?

It is highly likely that in the US at least most if not all sailboat racing is cancelled. SailGP has cancelled both their US events and its likely their races in Europe will be cancelled as well. Also this years Americas Cup world series racing looks to be cancelled as well, as right now the racing is on hold. And most small local races are cancelled (check with the clubs who are sponsoring the regattas).

So what to do?

2020 will be the year of recreational sailing. Some US states have closed parks and boat launches leaving waters open to only those with boats at private homes and in marinas that are still open. Check with your state agencies, businesses, etc. for launch and marina closures.

So again what to do? If you have a small light weight sailboat like a Super Sea Snark or Hobie Cat or Island, or other, one can launch from public land that does not have a launch as long of course its not closed off. The reality is no state can block every piece of shoreline to the public. As long as there is no stay-at-home order that restricts out door activity one can go sailing with appropriate social distancing (see boating rules below in pic). If you go to a location and there are a lot of people there just go somewhere else. Social distancing must be maintained during this time until lifted.

The words "beach cat" take on a whole new meaning when needing to launch from a beach, etc.

If you have never launch from a shoreline without a paved launch it takes planning and doing so from a place that is not deep with mud, etc. Sandy beaches are perfect or areas with gravel type surfaces. One will want to use a beach dolly or lay down a piece of carpet to keep the bottom of ones hull(s) perfect. If the surfs up one will need to learn to launch and land through the surf. If you have questions please leave a response at the end of this article. We also have a new book coming out that covers this topic and many more.

Visit Boating the Inland NW section of to find fun places to launch from in Eastern WA. and North Idaho. Sorry I have not finished the NW Montana section. Click Here!

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