Saturday, February 29, 2020

SailGP Racing Results

SailGP did it again with another start to a great season of racing! If you have not watched the racing its available on youtube at this link . This is the second season. SailGP has produced a yearly world racing series that finally allow sailing fans to follow their favorite teams like with other sports, i.e. football, etc.

Technology used during the racing is amazing. Each boat has cameras and audio aboard to allow fans to get up close to the action on any of the 7 boats racing. Use the SailGP app and one can even get closer to the action. Not to mention the highly informative commentary and race evaluations throughout the event adds more to the experience. SailGP and Oracle have certainly accomplished making the racing exciting and viewer friendly.

Just in case you read anything negative about SailGP racing I have noticed sites like Sailing Anarchy complaining about the racing, calling it a circus, etc. Mocking SailGP's efforts to Go Carbon Neutral and calling the boats old Americas Cup (AC) cats. None of this is of course true. Nothing about SailGP is a circus, even though some of us might like circuses. Any effort to Go Carbon Neutral is a positive if done not for political talking points or to be woke. SailGP truly wants to Go Carbon Neutral in the spirit of helping our environment. And as for the boats being old, this is just not true as the boats called F50's are totally new, with new technology. The old AC cats could never hit 50 knots like the new boats are doing. Guess their are always wet blankets and should not be a surprise coming from Sailing Anarchy.

Now for the racing... In short team Great Britain (GB) dominated! They won every race except one. The last fleet race of day 2 they seemed to have some kind of issue at the start, they took off in last place and worked threw the fleet and finished 4th. If there had been one more lap I have no doubt they would have won that race also. The home team of Australia (Aus) won that race. The final match race was between of course GB and Aus, and again GB won easily.

Aus and Japan took the 2nd and 3rd positions overall in the series. Team USA again was in the middle of the fleet finishing overall in 5th place out of 7 boats. They did have great starts but their average top speed again lacked like last year. If they do not get their average speed up they will continue to be a lower fleet finisher and likely some of the team members will be replaced with new members that can step up their game. They finished last in the first season, if they finish last this season its game over and there will be a new team in season 3. Sorry if I sound negative as I know these boats are difficult to sail well, but results matter at this level of the sport.

So overall the racing was amazing and exciting. SailGP has done a great job making the racing exciting and presenting the racing in a way that even those new to sailing can understand.

In addition SailGP has put together the Inspire Program for youth sailors. They use the RS 16 foot cat (sadly not a Hobie Cat) with spinnaker, and Wasp foiler. Youth are the future of the sport and makes sense they would make youth an integral part of their efforts. The youth racing can also be viewed on the SailGP youtube channel.

Race Day 1

Race Day 2

Youth Inspire Racing

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