Friday, February 8, 2019

SailGP Racing and Updates February 2019

The ultimate sailboat racing will be showcased this February 14-15 (9:AM 14th, 8:AM 15th PST) on FaceBook Live and via a soon to be announced US broadcaster (15-16 on Sydney Harbor, Australia), and around the world as the racing series continues on throughout the year.

If you are missing the high powered foiling cats of the past America's Cup now replaced by slower foiling monohulls (if they will be able to foil at all), no worries as SAILGP continues on with what the America's Cup should have stuck with.

These new 50 foot foiling cats are the fastest sailboats in the world (50+ knots, 3 times plus the speed of the true wind) and now you can watch all the racing up close and personal as these new breed of foiling cats fly around the race course. Many sensors and video cameras have been placed strategically all over the boats with the aim to allow viewers to get up close. SAILGP has worked very hard to make the racing more interactive for fans.

Good news is most teams are mostly all national. So if a sailboat has a country noted on it, it means the sailing team members are all from those countries. Japan and China are an exception due to their countries sailors are new to foiling sailing and are currently being trained to one day take over and be all national teams.

So racing again is this Feb. 15-16 in Sydney Australia. Racing will come to the states, San Francisco this May 3-4, New York 21-22 June, then to Cowes UK 10-11 Aug., Marseille France 20-21 September, Check out the video below to learn more or visit

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