Sunday, December 26, 2021

Happy New Year and News!


January 8th is our first Inland NW Sailors club activity at the Silver Lake Mall in Coeur d'Alene Idaho USA. Our activity will start at 7:am and we will discuss the new year's sailing activities and watch some sailboat racing. Visit our calendar of events to get more info by clicking here.

Starting January 28-29 is our winter Fun To SAIL Shows. We will be offering specials for significant savings during these shows. See the ever-popular Hobie Mirage Tandem Island. We will have the Malbec 18 sportboat on display at our February show (2/4-5). The shows take place at the Silver Lake Mall in Coeur d'Alene Idaho USA on 200 W Hanely Ave., Coeur d'Alene, Idaho USA. Last Show is May 20-21 during the Silver Lake Mall National Save Boating Day event.

May 21 National Safe Boating Week (DAY)... Come to the Silver Lake Mall, Coeur d'Alene Idaho to celebrate the beginning of National Safe Boating week (5/21-27) and see Sheriff safety boats, other powerboats and sailboats, etc. No entrance fee. Raffle prizes given out to those who have the Safe Boating Cert Card or official sign up to taking a Safe Boating class. Contact: or text 208-704-4454.

Our sailing classes have been enhanced with new classroom and course material, etc. Plus reintroduced a new improved class... Adventure Coastal Sailing that takes place on Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho USA., which is a class for those that want to sail on the ocean and/or large bodies of water with confidence. This course is for those who want to truly know how to coastal sail with a small sailboat, that also greatly enhances one's skills for larger sailboats, etc.

The new learn-to-sail book I have been writing is very close to being finished. This book will include the typical basics of sailing (with a refreshing twists), but also include how to surf sail, navigate rough environments, sail with a disAbility, and so on. This book will be available for download to be used on one's computer and/or print it. We will post a big colorful announcement when its available.

We are restarting our disAbled/accessible sailing program to help those who want to acquire or enhance their sailing skill. Along with this is our goal to expand our Boat Guide, called Boating the Inland NW. Donates are greatly appreciated for both efforts, which allows us to pay for our insurance and various program needs. It's all tax deductible. Click Here.

New products include the Malbec 18 from Ventura Sportboats, an 18' cabin sportboat or what some would call a trailable keelboat (any keelboat that is trailer-able for easy launching is in reality a Sportboat, with or without a cabin). FunToSAIL will be producing electric motor mounts for the Hobie Wave, Hobie Island, Hobie 16, Handcrank option for the Hobie Mirage Drive, and also a new line of aluminum extendable tillers, stay tuned for when we announce the launch of those products.

Related to sailboats I am sad to say no new Hobie Getaways will be available in 2022. 2023 models will have a limited availability so reserve your new Getaway early. Also, it is not known if the Super Sea Snark will be available in 2022. If we receive any news about this boat, we will post it immediately.

We are starting a new monthly videos series covering new product reviews, sailing skills tutorials, and sailing news and adventures, etc. Please subscribe to our channel. Visit our youtube channel regularly to keep up to date. First video starts in February at the FunToSAIL boat show.

Remember we do have a store now in the Silver Lake Mall in Coeur d'Alene Idaho USA (by appointment) and an online store as we know our customer base is spread out over the Inland NW, Pacific NW, and Mountain States, and beyond.

Reminder our Boating the Inland Northwest Guide (for lakes, rivers, and reservoirs) is ever expanding with new updates regularly. If you are looking for places to sail or paddle within the Inland NW this resource is available to you for free. Visit the Boating Guide by clicking HERE or click on the boating tab above.

Happy New! Let's make 2022 a memorable year with lots of sailing and community involvement!

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