Saturday, November 18, 2017

Diamond Lake Cat Sailing

Temps in the nineties and high pressure have dampened all breeze for over a week now.  But the weather folks spied something three days out that was going to drop those temps and give us some wind for Wednesday, starting early.  So I hitched up the recently retrieved and nicely waxed A cat, and showed up at Cliff Snow's lovely home on Diamond Lake about 8:30 am, and the breeze is on!  Cliff and assorted friendly neighbors helped me off load and rig, and within 20 minutes I'm on the water, fully trapped out, with squeals of glee escaping regularly.  I make my way upwind to the east end of the lake in six tacks, poke into a small bay on the north side to see if
any sailing buddies are home (no!), and turn downwind for a sleigh ride back to the beach.  Gusty as always, near 20 in the puffs, so great concentration is required to the pointy end up.  A couple of sloppy jibes put me in the drink, but in these winds it's near effortless to right her.  After a couple hours of intense driving and furious sheeting, I'm spent.  Pull her up on the sand, drop sail, and spend a some time with Cliff in front of his computer monitor, browsing his extensive photo portfolio of life on the lake, year round.  Wildlife (animal and human), sunsets, iceboating, and spectacular aurora borealis shots entertain us for long enough to allow me to recover enough to look lakeward again.  I launch into dying breeze, and throw in the towel shortly thereafter.  The guys all show up to help me tear down and reload, and I cruise home with that warm glow.  And sore muscles.  Good day.  Thanks Cliff!

Author... Dave Farmer of Spokane

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