Monday, September 11, 2017

Comptip Removal

Have you ever wondered how to remove an old comptip
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mast top (fiberglass mast top) out of a Hobie 16 mast? Basically what I do is lay the mast on the ground and cut most of the comptip off, then I lay two heat guns (on full heat setting) on either side of the mast next two where the two sections meet and turn them on at full power. The heat will weaken the old glue. I wait for the metal of the mast to get real hot (caution do not touch the mast) and put on thick leather work gloves so if I accidentally touch the metal I do not get burned. I also tie a line to the base of the mast and to a solid immovable item. Then I take a chisel and rubber mallet and start hammering at an angle and away from the metal mast section. After a few hits the old comptip will start to slide out and then totally be out. Once you have done this you can prep the inside of the mast (clean it out) for a new comptip. It's a simply process but if not done right the job can be a nightmare.

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