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Twin Lakes, Kootenai County, Idaho

Mid Draft Boats, Motors Allowed

Twin Lakes (upper 500 acres, Lower 350acres) as it implies has two lakes joined by a narrow 10’ deep and wide thoroughfare. This is a great lake for all types of water sports. Beautiful tree covered mountains surround these lakes and has nice light to moderate winds sporadically throughout the year. There are well kept public boat launch facilities on both the upper and lower lakes, and within the Thoroughfare.
Directions: To access from either Spokane WA. or from Coeur d’Alene ID. you need to go to Rathdrum Idaho and from there head north on Hwy 41, follow signs to public access/sportsman access. Maps: View Google Map below...

Thoroughfare and Boat Launches:
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There Thoroughfare is an beautiful passage that allows one to move between the Twin Lakes but one must pass under a low hanging bridge (clearance of 8 feet depending on water level) that limit the size of boats that can pass through, plus the thoroughfare is narrow as well of about 8 to 10 feet wide at times depending on the Lily Pads. There is a boat launch at the thoroughfare via a Lily Pad lined channel. The boat launch channel is about 8 feet wide. The boat launch pad is short and has a deep drop off at the end of it so if you are launching a boat with a deep draft do so at the Upper Twin Lakes launch.. info below...
Thoroughfare Boat Launch
Twin Lakes Upper Boat Launch
This boat launch has a long launch pad that is suitable for larger boat as compared to the lower and Thoroughfare launches. There is a large parking area, small sandy beach and pic-nic area, restroom, and no running water. Upper Twin Lake is also the better lake to sail on due to the consistent thermal winds and large open water, which is also good for water skiing.
Twin Lake Lower Boat Launch
This launch allows you to enter the more open water part of this lake however there is limited parking. To park you most go up the road some distance  andpark next to the golf course. The launch pad is average in length, about the length of the dock at this site. There is no beach at this site and no running water. There is a seasonal port-a-poty restroom a few hundred feet up the road from the launch. This is only a good site to launch from as one should not swim here. Fishing from the dock during the busy boating season is not recommended but other times of the year may not be an issue.

KOOTENAI COUNTY associated phone numbers: Upper and Lower Twin Lakes 208-446-1275; Twin Lakes Middle Channel 208-446-1275.

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