Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Trout Lake, Pend Oreille County, Washington

Trout Lake
Trout Lake is a beautiful tree lined lake and is totally Private Lake so do not try to access it. In the old days it was known for its great Trout fishing but unfortunately it is no longer open to the public. However on a good note at least the lake is being kept somewhat pristine by its current owner, which has two homes on the lake with docks. Technically and legally at late spring when the current slows one would could paddle from Lake Sacheen to Trout lake via the little Spokane River as it would be considered a navigable water way, however you would have to portage over several beaver dams. The Little Spokane River starts at Sacheen Lake, then goes through Trout Lake on its way to Horseshoe Lake and Spokane County. The river exiting Trout lake and is not navigable due to it passing under a road/dike, plus when the river nears Horseshoe Lake there is a large waterfall. This lake is in Northeaster part of Pend Oreille County, Washington. Its West of Horseshoe Lake and Lost Lake and South of the Wilderness Lakes. Maps: Visit google.com/maps type in GPS coordinates 48.121158, -117.372711

ACCESSIBILITY: No access allowed.


  1. That's not the little spokane river at all. The little spokane starts at chain lake by Camden.

  2. You do know there is a west and east branch of the Little Spokane River. However, I see no info on the Little Spokane River exiting from the chain lakes. Do you have any maps on the topic? The info I could find is the Little Spokane River starting out from Lake Sacheen, going through Trout Lake, through Horseshoe Lake, then Fan Lake, the Eloika Lake, and then snaking toward and into Spokane Lake/Long Lake. Maybe the East arm of the river travels from Chain Lakes but again I have not seen any info this. We appreciate your input so if you have any info on this topic email it to accesstooutdoors@gmail.com