Saturday, October 29, 2016

Swan Lake, Kootenai County, Idaho

Shallow channel limits access to the lake. Motors Allowed
Swan Lake (400 acres)... Just a few hundred feet up the river from the Black Lake channel entrance is the Swan Lake entrance, marked by two telephone poles with bird perches on each side of the channel entrance. The channel is wide (10’-15’) and deep as you enter (6’), but don’t let appearances fool you as once you begin to exit the channel into the lake you’ll find the water depth will only be about 2 feet or less deep with no well defined channel into the deep part of the lake. Due to this fact Swan Lake is not suitable for powerboats with drafts beyond this depth and you surely do no want to be sucking up weeds and mud into your motor uptakes (there’s lots of this stuff to suck up when entering the lake). However canoes, kayaks, small fishing boats, dinghy sailboats, and other shallow draft crafts are suitable for this lake. Swan Lake is 400 acres. You will have to travel several hundred feet through the shallow area of the lake before getting to the main body of the lake with an average depth of 5-20’. There is also Swan Island which is probably about an acre of land and is open to the public with no dock facility, running water, or restrooms but has two picnic tables and primitive trail. This is one of my favorite lakes for sailing as it seems to be situated in an ideal location for wind coming up from Harrison, yet also has mountains to the N which create an evening thermal wind. Plus its a popular fishing lake. There is no public boat launch on this lake. Maps: View Google Map below...

Channel entrance from the Coeur d'Alene River

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