Saturday, October 29, 2016

Sacheen Lake, Pend Oreille County, Washington

Sacheen Lake (310.3 acres, Elevation: 2,238 feet)
Entrance to West Branch of Little Spokane River
by passing under this bridge
Sacheen Lake is popular lake for fishing, kayaking, sailing and other watersports. This lake is the actual beginning of the West Branch of Little Spokane River. You can find the mouth of this river on the southwest side of the lake at the Fertile Valley Road
bridge. One could access the river from this bridge but would be a difficult portage down an extremely steep bank, best option is to paddle from the public boat launch. One can paddle down this beautiful river a ways until beaver dams block the river, there are several. There are also several beautiful small rock islands, a channel to its west side, and its shape unusual shape make for an enjoyment boating trip. There is public launch access on the northeast shore. Fishing: Fourth Saturday in April through October 31 open season. Fishing: Brook Trout, Brown Bullhead, Eastern Brook Trout, Green Sunfish, Largemouth Bass, Rainbow Trout, Tiger Trout, Yellow Perch. Directions/Maps: This lake is eleven miles southwest of Newport along Highway SR-211... see more detailed directions to boat launch below. Visit type in Sacheen Lake, Pend Oreille County, WA. or GPS coordinates 48.150913, -117.307104
See printable Sacheen Lake map below!

Public Boat Launch
Directions: From Spokane going north on US Highway 2, go 30 miles to State Highway 211, then north on State Highway 211, then 4 miles to Public Fishing sign on Sacheen Terrace Dr. Maps: Visit type in Sacheen Lake, Pend Oreille County, WA. or GPS coordinates 48.150913, -117.307104
ACCESSIBILITY: PARKING... Large gravel parking lot; PATHS/TRAILS... None; RESTROOMS/FACILITIES/SHADE… One restroom not wheelchair accessible. Shade via trees; DOCKS/LAUNCHES/PLATFORMS… No docks. One single lane cement launch pad at about 3% grade; DIRECT WATER ACCESS… No access for wheeled mobility devices. There is a small sandy beach area next to the launch, surface is soft and if water level is low then is mud; TRANSFER SYSTEMS... None; SENSORY... No sensory tactile markers for those with visual and other impairments; CAMPING... No; O.T.H.E.R… Oddities/Barriers: Lots marine vegetation along the shoreline making access difficult other than at launch/designated launch and small beach area. Lots of deep mud along shoreline; Terrain: Level to about 3% grade; H2O/Water: Water normally clear/murky. Water temperature in the summer can be around 60 to 70 degree. Drinking water not available; Environmental Conditions: Varies; Resources: Food, drinks, and gas in city of Spokane.
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