Saturday, October 29, 2016

Robinson Lake, Boundary County, Idaho

Small Boats, No Motors Allowed
Robinson Lake is a popular fishing and kayaking lake due to its beauty and abundant aquatic life and vegetation such as lily pads, etc. Consequently, it certainly isn't appropriate for high speed boating and is designated as a non-motorized lake. The launch is paved with a restroom which has no running water, in the parking area. There is, however, a large camping area with restrooms and running water. The area this lake is in is a popular wildlife viewing area; hunting is not allowed.

ACCESSIBILITY SCALE: 1. Parking... Gravel and Mud, No accessible parking spaces; 2. Restroom… Accessible; 3. Dock(s)… Accessible; 4. Direct Water Access… Accessible via boat launch... during low water times of the year the launch pad may be totally out of the waster resulting in muddy access into the lake; O.T.H.E.R… Oddities/Barriers: N/A; Trails/Paths: Inaccessible; H2O/Water: Lake water is clean but can become a very stagnant in late summer when the water level drops significantly; This lake is filled with aquatic plants, lily pads, etc; Environmental Conditions… No issues; Resources: No near by stores and gas stations during the summer, running water, Picnic and camping areas by lake.

Directions: To access Robinson Lake and camping from HWY 95 (just 4 miles from the Canadian boarder), simply watch for the signs and then follow them to the lake. The road is paved for half the distance to the lake then turns to gravel. Maps: View Google Map below...

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