Saturday, October 29, 2016

Parker Pond, Pend Oreille County, Washington

Parker Lake/Pond

This lake (also known as Parker Pond by the locals) is located 12 miles north of Cusick. Fishing: Fourth Saturday in April through October 31 open season. This lake is planted annually with rainbow trout. Expect 11 inch fry plants and 12-13 inch carryovers. Directions/Maps: Visit type in Parker Lake, Pend Oreille County, WA. or GPS coordinates 48.476499, -117.361127
ACCESSIBILITY: PARKING... Dirt parking along road dirt road (park totally off paved road); PATHS/TRAILS... None. Access via walking through deep grass and dirt/mud; RESTROOMS/FACILITIES/SHADE… None; SENSORY... No sensory tactile markers for those with visual and other impairments. DOCKS/LAUNCHES/PLATFORMS… None. Launch off very steep bank of 10% grade plus; DIRECT WATER ACCESS… No access for wheeled mobility devices; TRANSFER SYSTEMS... None; CAMPING... Primitive camping; O.T.H.E.R… Oddities/Barriers: Lots of mud; Terrain: Varies; H2O/Water: Water normally murky. Water temperature in the summer can be around 60 to 70 degree. No drinking water available; Environmental Conditions: Varies; Resources: Food, drinks, and gas in town of Cusick, WA.

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