Saturday, October 29, 2016

Medicine Lake, Kootenai County, Idaho

Shallow boat launch, narrow channel access from river. Motors Allowed
Medicine Lake (340 acres) -  "Access to Cave Lake via Medicine Lake." The next channel we enter after Swan Lake is the entrance to both Medicine and Cave Lakes. The entrance to this channel is right after you pass a large independent hill right next to the river (only such hill on the river) and there is also an area next to the channel entrance that is used for camping and launching of small boats (with a paved boat launch just about a hundred feet down stream, S. called Medimont Boat Launch) with no restroom, running water, or dock. This channel is deep (6’) and wide but like Swan Lake the channel has its limitations. The first obstacle you come to is a bike bridge with a limited area of 6’ high, 6’ wide (approximate) with depth of about 6’, after this bridge there is even a smaller bridge with a tunnel under it, with an opening of only about 4’ high, 6’ wide, and 3 foot water depth (the smallest such opening of all the chain lake bridges). Just before this bridge there are two smaller channels in view of the bridge which dead end into small ponds. When I went through this second bridge with my Hobie Adventure Island sail yak I had to of course drop my mast and fold in my outriggers. There is a shallow and primitive boat launch on this lake just after exiting the bridge tunnel with restroom but no running water (Rainy Hill Boat Launch). Medicine Lake is about 400 acres and is a popular fishing lake. Cave lake (see info below in next lake section) is accessed via this lake (Medicine Lake) via another bridge and short channel.

Channel to Medicine and Cave Lakes
1. Medicine & Cave Lake Coeur d'Alene River Channel Access
2. Trail of the Coeur d'Alene Bike Bridge
3. Tunnel Bridge next to launch on Medicine Lake

BOAT LAUNCH - National Forest Service
4. Medicine Lake Boat Launch
Rainy Hill and Medimont Boat Launch - Toilets, primitive boat ramp. There is an additional boat launch on Medimont Road 1/2 mile further west right on the river and is a launch site only with no additional facilities. Last time I checked there is no fee at these two sites. Directions: 23 miles east of Coeur d'Alene on I-90, take exit 34 (Rose Lake), drive 11 miles on State Hwy 3, turn west and drive 1 mile to boating area. Altitude: 2100'.

There is no BLM boating sites on this lake.

Directions: From HWY 3 take the E. Rainy Hill Rd. for about a mile and watch the sign for Rainy Hill boat launch ( This boat launch is on Medicine Lake and gives you boating access to Cave Lake to the west. Sometimes people will confuse Rainy Hill Boat Launch on Medicine Lake with Medimont Boat Launch. Medimont Boat launch is on the CdA River off of E. Rainy Hill Rd. Maps: View Google Map below...

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