Saturday, October 29, 2016

McArthur Lake, Boundary County, Idaho

Small Boats with Motors Allowed. No Wake Allowed
McArthur Lake is part of the McArthur Lake Wilderness Management Area. The Lake is part of a beautiful wilderness area known for its water foul and aquatic life. A very popular fishing lake and near the dam (when there is no flow over it), it is known locally as an area for swimming. This lake would also be a great lake to kayak and do photography on, (not to mention, dinghy sailing would be appropriate as there is a significant amount of open water on this lake.)

This is a "no wake" lake and hunting is not allowed. The launch is paved with a dock, and the restrooms are accessible and well maintained.

ACCESSIBILITY SCALE: 1. Parking... Loose gravel and dirt (muddy in the spring and winter, No accessible parking spaces; 2. Restroom… Accessible; 3. Dock(s)… Accessible; 4. Direct Water Access… Dock Accessible at boat launch, but fishing dock is not accessible due to inaccessible trail and dock ramp; O.T.H.E.R… Oddities/Barriers: N/A; Trails/Paths: Inaccessible; H2O/Water: Typically clean but murky, A lot of aquatic plants/lily pads in this lake, No running water;  Environmental Conditions… No Issues; Resources: Small Store and fuel available in Bonners Ferry.

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