Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Mason Lake, Spokane County, Washington

Mason Lake (151 acres)
This lake is a beautiful lake but is totally surrounded by PRIVATE farm land. It's .3 miles long and averages 10' deep with 20' being its deepest point. This lake is actually big enough for larger power boats like a ski boats but the road to this lake would not allow one to get such a boat to the lake. Access to this lake on the South end of the road via a dirt road. Part of the road goes through a small marsh so one could only drive to the lake in mid summer when it dries up. There is also an old cable gate on this road so you MUST get the landowners approval to access it. Current info indicates the farmer is not giving access to the lake even though he has granted access in the past. There is also a small pond
Little Mason Lake/Pond
not far from this lake that sometimes is called Mason Lake, some call it Little Mason lake or Pond. It is really a pond that dries up by late summer. We note this here just in case you hear about it and so one does not confuse the two lakes, which are both located on private land. Directions: 
From Spokane go west or from Moses Lake go east on I-90 to Exit 254. Turn south after getting off the I90 exit onto Old State Highway/Sprague HWY Rd E and travel 2 miles. Turn left/east onto Fishtrap Rd. Continue past Fishtrap Resort onto W Scroggle Rd. A few miles on this road you will cross a creek. After crossing the creek take the first right on a gravel road. This is as close as you are going to get via road access. Must have landowner's permission to access this lake! Maps: See an online viewable map at google.com/maps and type in Mason Lake, Spokane County, WA. See a printable map below.
ACCESSIBILITY: No access allowed.

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