Saturday, October 29, 2016

Elsie Lake Adventure, Shoshone County, Idaho Story


On Aug 8th I traveled with friends and family to Elsie Lake, Idaho from Coeur d’Alene Idaho (about 50 miles from Coeur d’Alene). From Coeur d’Alene you take HWY 90 east past Kellogg Idaho and exit the HWY at Exit 54 (Big Creek Exit). Then one travels at first southwest after exiting the HWY on Big Creek Road to the lake. This road is paved a short distance before it turns to a smooth gravel road for a few miles and then into to a very rough road suited only for 4x4’s with good ground clearance (you will pass over big ruts in the road as well as pass through a slide area). Once you come to a wooded saddle near the top of the mountain you will descend down a 9% grade to the lake. The road is not well marked but staying on the main road will get you to the lake.

Elsie Lake is in a beautiful setting of heavily wooded area with steep mountains. Fishing, swimming, and hiking are the popular activities here. Even in the summer months the water is still quite chilly. This lake is stocked with Rainbow & Brook Trout. Only electric motors are allowed on this lake (no gas). There are camp sites all around the lake except on the east shore line where there is a steep mountain and cliffs. There is one restroom at this lake with no running water. The lake is about 80 deep at its deepest and visibility in the water is about 20 feet. The lake is a round shape of about 200 acres in size.

I took my Hobie Adventure Island (Sail Yak) to the lake and had some great mid day winds to sail with. While I sailed I consistently saw fish jumping. The lake’s beauty is absolutely stunning. We spent the night around the camp fire listening to the sounds of the wildlife and gazing at the abundant stars.

I ran out of time to hike the area as my family and I spent all our time on the water. While there, we were told of a hiking trail that takes you along a ridge that allows you to see for miles in any direction and to look down on the lake. We will do this next time we go there. Since its only 50 miles from Coeur d’Alene it’s an easy enough trip to do in a day.

For more info about this lake go to; slide down the home page click on Lakes & River Guide link and then click on Shoshone County in the north Idaho section.

Written by Miles Moore, 8/11/2010.

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