Saturday, October 29, 2016

Avondale Lake, Kootenai County, Idaho

Small Boats, No Motors Allowed
Avondale Lake (20 acres) is a fun little lake to boat on or swim in. This is a no motor lake. You can access it on the east side of Avondale Golf Course via a primitive (gravel road) and very steep public boat launch. The south west side of the lake has a nice grassy area where you can also launch by hand your small boat from and/or fish from. There seems to be some nice thermal wind on this lake as I have experienced this on several occasions. Many times this lake will have wind when the near by Hayden Lake does not. There are some land owners on this lake that keep small sailing dinghies and canoes/kayaks at their docks so people do regularly boat on this lake. Overall a nice little lake to play on. It should be noted that this lake is accessible to the public because the land owners around this lake have decided to make it available to the public so please respect the land owners property and do not disturbed or feed the water foul. Directions: To access this lake leaving Coeur d’Alene Idaho go north on HWY 95, turn right on E. Miles Ave., take a left on N. Avondale Rd., and there it will be. The boat launch is right across from the Avondale Golf Course parking lot in a gravel/grass parking lot and the boat launch is a very steep primitive gravel launch. Maps: View Google Map below...

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