Saturday, October 24, 2015

General Sailing News

Hello fellow sailors! Just some quick notes…

Some of you have wanted me for some time now to post my Hobie 16 Blue Book… well I have posted it below this post .The Hobie 16 Blue Book is a guide on how to purchase a used Hobie 16 or 14. Anyways finally it’s up for your use.

Also below this article I have reposted my guide for purchasing any used sailboat, keelboat, daysailor, etc.

On a note about used sailboats… I am looking for used Hobie 16’s, 14’s, Wave’s, Islands, and Sea Snarks for our youth and disabled sailing programs. Your help in finding such boats would be great. Even if the boat is in bad shape is not an issue as we plan to teach our youth how to restore boats. Email me (Miles Moore) at or call 208-704-4454.

I think I noted this in my last email but the new 2016 calendar is up… with more events to be added as they develop. See above calendar tab.

Keep an eye on this site as I have some new articles coming from me and from club members. I hope to be posting a new article every week or at least posting several articles a month. Please if you have any awesome sailing experiences, adventures, boat restorations, etc. that happened within the Inland NW (want to keep the articles local) please submit them to me via my email so I can post them here . Any pictures or videos you could add with your article would be awesome but not required.

Starting in 2016 on the first Thursday of each month our club will have a monthly activity at 6:PM. During the winter I will be doing some free classes related to boat maintenance, tuning, safety, etc. at the FunToSail store. As the days lengthen and warm up we will do on-the-water activities at various locations.

Not sure you are thinking this but you might wonder… "Miles what is with all the new activity?" After about 3 or 5 years of some health issues and other challenges I am happy to announce I am free of it all, thus meaning I can now work the sailing club and business with more vigor than ever. If you go to you will notice some new items such as my new services/servicing section, new posts like the Hobie 16 Blue Book, updated club/scouts page, and etc. Plus I am expanding my US Sailing Assoc. school offerings (more info coming). I am even working on finishing my new learn-to-sail book. The deal is sailing prticipation in our area is still lacking big time and its my hope that with your help we can really bring sailing to the lead as the water activity of choice in this the land of many lakes (Inland NW… N. ID., E. WA., NW MT)!

On a side note I am looking for an outdoor magazine rack… I get several magazines each month that come to my store such as 48 Degrees North, Hobie Hotline, etc. I want to place these magazines in a rack outside so you all can come by the store any time and pick one up. So if you see any used outdoor magazine racks for sales please let me know.

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