Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Free Shipping!

Hello fellow sailors!


I am currently making a big parts ordering in the next several days so if any of you are planning on making a parts order and can pick the items up at my store I can give you Free Shipping. However oversized items will have a shipping fee.


Also if you are planning on ordering a sailboat this is the time to do it also as this time of year I ship all the boat orders together which can reduce the shipping fee, and with the current fuel prices shipping has never been lower.

Becuase of the lower fuel price if you want to order a SUPER SNARK shipping will be lower than normal.


Regardless now is the time to save on shipping.


Remember my Keelboat Lessons start this Feburary 7th. Sailing Lessons are the first Saturday of each month (more classes are available during the week starting in April) other than in July due to the 4th being the first Sat.

CONTACT ME related to parts and boat orders @ 208-704-4454 or

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