Friday, July 1, 2011

Water for Sailors & everyone!

It’s here and it’s new and revolutionary! The New Pi-Mag Sport Water Bottle is out. If you saw the amazing video of the Pi-Mag water system filtering out dirt and wine into pure water, you will be interested in knowing that same system has come out in a water bottle that you can take sailing, camping, hiking, traveling, etc. Not only does it filter out the bad stuff, but it also energizes the water, turns the water from acidic to alkaline, and mineralizes it.

As if that list of positives wasn’t enough… this bottle is also good for the environment. If you were to throw this bottle away it would decompose in less than 60 days into fertilizer.

How much is the bottle you ask? The cost is a very small $55, to treat 40 gallons of pure water per bottle. That works out to only 28 cents per bottle of water. Once you have the bottle, all you have to do is replace the filter; this lowers the price to even less per bottle of water. And if you would like to sell the bottles and make a little or a lot of money yourself I will show you how to do this.

Order yours now and be ready for any disaster, drink clean water anywhere you go, and be amazed by how much better you will feel. Pi-Mag is the #1 rated water system in the world and for good reason.

To order email me at or visit my wellness website at . Also here is the direct link to the Water for Sailors video again… showing off the effectiveness of this water system…

Fair winds,

Miles Moore

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