Sunday, May 29, 2011

Inland NW Marine Passes and Rules, etc!

I wanted to remind everyone that Idaho Invasive Species Stickers are required on all boats, kayaks, etc. that are not required to be registered in Idaho and out of state registered boats. The only crafts that need not physically have the stick are boats registered in Idaho as the registration sticker is considered an Invasive Species Sticker. You can purchase a sticker online at or visit an Idaho Parks & Rec. office near you to purchase.

In Montana there are no new rules or Invasive Species Stickers required... To see/read Montana boating laws and lake/river restrictions got to

In Washington there are no new major boating rules or Invasive Species Stickers required. However there is a new pass with associated fee one must have to access any state owned lands and water access points on those lands (Washington State Parks, Washington State Department of Natural Resources, & Washington Department of Fishing & Wildlife), its called the Discovery Pass. This pass/fee was created because of the States recent budget cuts and so it is hoped that the new fee will replace the lost funding. The pass cost $30.00 (day passes cost $10) and will be required starting July 1. You can buy the pass online or at various businesses... For more info go to

I hope this info is useful to you. Remember if you need any info about Inland NW marine rules, policies, etc. go to . It's a great site to get pertinent info and links related to marine policies and access, etc. within the Inland NW.

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