Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Lake Pend Oreille water level update

Hello Pend Oreille Basin stakeholders and members of the public,

I sent out a lake level update for Lake Pend Oreille yesterday and failed to mention the importance of Montana's watershed to the Pend Oreille Basin Watershed.  When evaluating runoff and flood risk for the Clark Fork River and Lake Pend Oreille, it is essential to look at Montana's snowpack, as LPO received approx 90% of its water from Montana.  The area circled in red in MT is the watershed that affects the Clark Fork and LPO. 

The Priest watershed on the other hand receives most of its water from WA and ID.  The area circled in red in Idaho is one area to look for Priest and also WA snotel.  The primary indicators for Priest Lake are Bunchgrass Meadows and Schweitzer Basin. 

Links to ID, MT, and WA snotel below.  I believe they are updated daily. 

Hope this helps!

Molly McCahon
Lakes Commission
Executive Director
phone: (208)265-4568

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